Tuesday, 4 March 2008

mw finished

i have finished my mystic water shawl. i was knitting and knitting, and the finishing took ages..well over an hour to do it, but i am very happy with it. it's has not been blocked yet, nor has the ends been sewn in, but i like it. it will probably be a bit bigger than on this bad picture..and it's my 4 years old daughter "modeling"the shawl..and she's big for her age!

Next project is to knit the march socks, march hat and continue a few other projects(sots-ii, sss). i have also started up knitting fish for the fish blanket, and i am going to have it done by june, so i better get on with that too. i am so happy about finihing up mw..i think i started it in october or november...!


  1. Fint sjal. Du har gjort ferdig mye i det siste. Leit å høre om virus problemene, håper ikke det gjentar seg.

  2. Your Mystic Waters is beautiful. Wow, what a wonderful thing that you kept going on it. Gorgeous.

  3. That's beautiful! I know...that bind-off took forever!


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