Monday, 14 April 2008


DEAR people,
here is my UFO, i said i would post about it. i started this at some time ago when i went to university( agder universitet)and i think i graduated in 2001 ..and i think i started this in year that makes this cross stitch 8 years old. it takes absolutely ages to do, but maybe i will finish it in 2009...i try to do a bit inbetween all my knitting.
it will end up as AMOR, but sorry i have no picture of it as finished anymore, but one day i will show you the finished picture. will update you on how this turns out in maybe a month or so..depending on how much a get done of course.

so this is all from me today..i have absolutely tons of stuff to do! so have a lovely day everyone!

sunny hugs from me

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  1. Så flott broderi. Det kommer til å bli kjempefint. I blant må man bare ta seg sammen og gjøre litt hver uke. Så kommer man nok i mål til slutt. Gleder meg til å se det ferdig. Lykke til!


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