Wednesday, 22 October 2008


it's another good morning in rainy scotland..i did promise you some they are here you so help yourself..i would have had them ready made for you if you came over:)

now. i forgot to post about the wollies i made for Catriona. but here they are..i thikn they'll be rather nice to wear when it really gets cold and wet.

i have again used king Cole Mirage..this is the blueish one. i also started a new project even if i said i was going to finish some other stuff. but i am home alone this week..and i watch tv to make the evenings no fbs for me until hubby is home. i started knitting the gilmore vest and will probably focus on this one and the baktus scarf as well. let's see how far i get.

i better get back to my daughter and her painting..and the tidying up..!
have a good day everyone! thank you for visiting me and come back soon


  1. Så deilig ribbebukse. Strikket en slik for en stund siden (nøstebarn ribbeukse) og det var det kjedeligste jeg har strikket ever. Hehe! Men det må jo til for disse barna, da. Kunne egentlig tenkt meg en sånn selv, men ikke F*** om jeg gidder. =)

  2. Go og varme ser det ut som ullbuksen er. Det er vel bruk for det der dere bor også.

  3. Denne så god og varm ut, og blir nok god å bruke utover høsten og vinteren. Fine farger også :)

  4. Det ser deilig ut med ullbukse, fine farger var det óg.

  5. Utrolig lekre farger i den ullbuksen, og de ser så deilige ut å ha på.

  6. Those woolies are wonderful! I am thinking of making a pair for myself!


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