Friday, 2 January 2009

my little pony

welcome everyone... the famous jumper had to be worn before it was complete, and i just had to take a photo og my princess wearing it!
everybody, here she is Rainbow Dash! i finished the jumper yesterday and i am really happy with how it turned out. i found a picture online, and tried one of these pattern generators or whatever they are called. now in theory it would work fine, but it didn't, so i just had to look at the picture a make sure everything was looking right. and i think it does.

of course i ought to have a picture of the princess holding the realy pony as wel, but i forgot to bring it along when we went to the park yesterday. yes, it was cold and dull..we went a bit late i suppose. and i can't say she looks very happy either, but i assure you:SHE loves it:)

so from me to all of you:


thank you for visiting me, and let me know you were here! x


  1. Hei på deg og godt nytt strikke år i 2009..
    denne genseren ble flott og den fine prinsessa... hun er vel stolt nå tenker jeg...

  2. Så herlig genser. Modellen så veldig fornøyd ut :-)

  3. Den ble virkelig flott! Ikke rart modellen ser glad ut ;)

  4. Nydelig genser. Flott mønster og veldig fin farge. Ser ut til at det er en som er veldig fornøyd og det har hun god grunn til!

  5. Takk for koselig besøk på bloggen min.Dette var en søt genser på en søt modell.
    Klem fra Elin

  6. Skjønner godt at prinsessa måtte bruke denne genseren før den var ferdi. Knalltøff ble den:-)

  7. Heisann. Godt nyttår.
    Så flott genser på en skjønn modell


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