Monday, 3 March 2014

A beautiful day

The day started out really nice, Princess was out of bed and dressed by 07.00 am, I was amazed.
Everything went fantastic, we were out of the house without any rushing or shouting. It felt great. I even had to wear my sunglasses, because of the sun.

Yes!! The sun is shining today and I have a houseproject on today, going to try and tidy up the playroom and if I do well, I can even show you a pictureof the result.

I have been busy knitting, and have several projects on the go. Feeling great about that.

Now, on to another thing...I posted a comment in an onlinenewspaper about remembering dreams and I noticed I got a message back about possibly being interviewed. Well,I haven't responded as I live abroad and don't really fancy getting my dreams out there..except onmy own blog I suppose.

I have been dreaming lately, and I do remember in the morning but now at noon I have forgotten it all. And I have found out when I get a good sleep I dream, if I am exhausted I never remember any dreams.
Maybe I should get myself a little notebook to have beside my bed, so that I can jot down what I remember the second I wake up.

We'll see. Better go out and enjoy this weather for a little's STILL sunny!

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  1. Sol! Jeg synes jeg så vidt kan se den bak skyene her... har ikke sett den ordentlig på 2 uker. Er så klar for vår nå...


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