Saturday, 14 February 2015


One of the "new" things in our life is that my daughter has joined the schools cross country trail team, she every Sunday she is traing for a race. So we have a new fitness regime, and it suits her too.

I am excited about this, because she beats me, but we are still quite slow at it. So...on Mondays we are going to run to the for me sitting there all sweaty but nevermind. It'll be ok. I'll do anything for a little extra excersise. Hoping we'll both get a good result.

I better get on with my training is I am going to reach 320 miles run..and also do a 10 k race in October.

Wish me luck!

Oh by the way..yesterday I became an aunt to a little boy. I am so excited about it..I am sure he'll be a great addition to my brothers familylife. hugs1


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