Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Abnormal week

Yes, the week has started, the weird abnormal week when Princess Sunniva is away on a school trip...and I am all alone from yesterday (Monday ) all the way to Friday.

That is of course not stricly true, as the husband Kris is also at home...but he's a little boring and he also cought our cold so add on a little bit of grumpiness and you'l get what I mean.

Sunday evening Kris was out at a concert, not my music taste, so it was great that he could get free tickets from his workmate and they could go together.

That also meant that Sunniva and I could have a nice relaxing evening before she went. We lit candles and watched a film..super cozy...or "koselig" as i normally would say.

So, last night I Sunniva was away and I was wondering how she was getting on while I enjoyed a little bottle of some cider while watching Coronation Street.

It was Kopparbergs cloudberry cider, I really enjoyed that and will probably get it again. I OH so miss the cloudberry yoghurt I was able to eat many years ago.
 I don't think they make it anymore, I mean it's probably a reason why they call it Gold of the Forest.

Today is my first full day at home, and I started a tidy up project. So...I have started..firstly I emptied the cupboard that was FULL of shoes, jackets and 2 chairs..and then I put our IKEA Trofast thing in there.

Now I have to EMPTY all the boxes, clean the shelves and then I can start putting everything back again.
WHY did I even start,,this is so much work!!!

I am sure it'll be better when I am finished.

Wish me oh so much luck! Not to mention that the Puma points Re-match started today and I need to get running before the day is over!

Take care, lovelies!

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