Tuesday, 4 October 2016


For years and years I loved to read, read every day - all the time.
A few years ago i started reading again, my daughter is older and I have time to read.

The last few years I have joined in on the reading challenge on Goodreads, and my challenge had been 12 books every year. In 2015 I only managed to read 4 books. that is no good for a bookperson like myself.

This year in 2016 I have made an effort to read more, and so far I have read 11 or 12 books. Does it count when you re-read books?

I am on my own going to join the Rory Gilmore Reading challenge...that's over 3oo books, I think it's actually 339 books, and it's bound to get longer in November when Netflix releases 4 mini movies. Gilmore girls. A year in the life.

I am not new to GG, I have watched it since it was released in 2000. But I have never actually actively gone through Rory's books.
 I have made a page dedicated to this project on the right of this blog. I will add all the books on the list little by litte.

If you are interested in the list, the list is on Google and Pinerest as well. My list is chronological and not alphabetical.

Wish me luck, some of these books are hard to come by!


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  1. I have wanted to do a mail related book challenge. I saw a list of books once somewhere, but I'm not sure where. I love to read too. I just started a new book yesterday. How did you get your Goodreads books into your blog? I may want to add that into mine too!


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