Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Good morning

I hope you are all doing well this Wednesday morning.
I am shortly going on the treadmill to get started on my c2k5 again. I'll be starting week one, even if i am much further along in reality. 
I just wanted to show off the tomato seeds I put in the earth a little while ago.  They are really coming along and some of them are even getting their true leaves. 

This is really my very first time growing tomato plants and I am very excited about this. I have repotted some of the plants, because there were too many plants in each cell..I guess I didn't actually expect them all to come up.

I even planted some pepper seeds, I actually took them directly from the pepper and planted them. They are actually coming up too! 

Yes, very exciting. It's not warm enough for anything to go outside, maybe in another month or so. 

It's definitely still frosty over night, so not taking any risks. 

I have also decided to grow some herbs, so might get started with that this month. Not sure which herbs to try, maybe basil ? Anyone has any tips for me! If so, please comment .

Take care, and pop by again soon. 

Love, Linn 

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