Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Good morning

Good morning Friends,

How are you all? I hope you have all had a great Easter holiday. We spent a week of the Easter holiday in Spain visiting friends that live there.

My friend's son was going to have his church confirmation in The Norwegian Sailors church known and "Sjømannskirken".

It was a beautiful confirmation with 15 young boys and girls declaring their love for God, I suppose.

til-hjemmesiden.jpg-600 (600×424)

We also drove to Barcelona and spent two night there in a room we rented through Airbnb, it was fine, we only slept there so I can't really say too much about the room..other than the beds were really nice to sleep in..and Tatyana and Christiano, the couple that lived there seemed nice. 

The day we were supposed to leave Barcelona, and drive back to Torrevieja, we had Hamburger and chips for brunch, and I even ate the bun. I was starving. But that was a really bad idea.

I got so ill, I couldn't sit or stand, I sank down on the floor just making sounds due to severe abdomen pains, just like gallbladder pains..exact the same place. 

So, it's safe to say that I will neve go back to eating bread, or even high carb ever again. 
It has been tough to get back on track , even when we came home, because the Princess just turned 13, and she has been celebrated by us, but  her partyfor her friends  is coming up...with pizza, cake, ice cream and sweets. I will have to stear clear of most of this though, for sure. 

Wish me luck!! 

Other than this..My mother in law looked after my pea plants when we were away, and they have been planted out maybe almost a week ago. Even if it is still really cold out there..unuaually cold by the way...they seem to survive. Hoping they will manage this next week of bitter cold nights!!

Hey, I also have good news on the tomato front...THREE of my plants have small buds which will hopefully very shortly turn into tomatoes!! yay!! 

After the summer holiday, I will order some cherry tomato plants, to keep us going with tomtoes through the winter. I am so excited about this! No kidding. 

Then my knitting....

The last sleeve is growing...little by little. IF this does not fit him..he's had it. I am not knitting a third version. Then it will be turned into a dress for myself. LOL. I do hope it will fit though. It was just a little too tight last time, and he also wanted it longer in the body..I have knitted another 10 cm I think. So it should be good. 

Other projects...searching for a job and decluttering my house.  Going better than ever!! YAY for that. The goal for 2017 was to get rid of 2017 things, and I am over halfway. It is more difficult now, because I have alot less rubbish to actually throw away. I am sure I'll get there in the end though.

Hope you are all fine, and i hope to see you all soon! 


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