Tuesday, 9 January 2018


Good Afternoon everyone,
2018 is here, can you believe it? I guess it happens every year...always a shock that another year has gone by.

Anyways, my plan for 2018 is to update a tad more often, about the few things that I am passionate about.

Last year I had a goal of "gettng rid" of 2017 things, I did really well, and ended up at around 2270 or something like that.

I have made a similar goal, and this time it's 2018 things I will be getting rid of in 2018.

YES, it's definitely getting more difficult to get rid of things...but today I decided that that old stripey grey and green short sleeved hoody...that is around 10 years old , it has to go. While it still looks pretty ok, it's not something i want to wear anymore..and i haven't worn it for years.

It's likely that a couple of scarves will also end up in the donation bag.

It feels really good to have less "stuff" around.

I really hope to be more active here this year, and hopefully you will enjoy reading about what's going on.

Welcome 2018

2018.jpg (554×240)

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