Sunday, 19 September 2021

EPP pictures

Here are my some photos of my EPP project. This is 1" x 1" hexagons that I found at Geta's quilting studio, that I linked in my previous post.

This is just a very small start on this project, and I don't expect to finish it for a long time yet. I will update as the months go by. 

This is my EPP 1 , so whenever I mentionany EPP's, this is the first, my denim is my EPP 2. I will probably show some photos at a later point. 

At the moment I'm only focusing on this EPP 1 project.

Here's a little Viking saying. 

Affection is mutual when men can open
All their heart to each other:
He whose words are always fair
Is untrue and not to be trusted. 

Enjoy your day , Linn 

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