Monday, 8 December 2008

advent calendar

ouch, i can't remember what date it was on thursday..well. this is what was inside thursdays pressie for me. now i don't have to go and get myself a new one for all the xmas dishes..because i do all our dishes by guessed it, we don't have a room in our kitchen for that.!
i guess this is Friday's pressie..a lovely colour of to figure out what to use it for..i kinda have a couple of do after xmas. hehe, i am busy with crocheting blankets these days!

on saturday i got this lovely cloth...i have never made one this big.i don't have enough patience!so thank you very much henrikke, it will be used alot!simply because i love it, it just feels so good in my hands:)

on sunday i got some sockwook, fabel from Drops Garnstudio, i am very excited about this because i have only knitted with Regia earlier. love the colour too!

and today's pressie was three christmastree decorations. How lucky is it that yesteday we bough out xmas tree, and put it up in the liveingroom just last night? the plan is to decorate it these lovely angelhearts are already up there. they are just adorable, and love them. they are perfect Henrikke! thank you so much!
that was all the calendar pressie that i didn't get to blog during the weekend..yes i know i oughta have my own laptop..and i kind of do, it's the hubby's work laptop..but i ust don't want my private photos on that laptop..! but when i do start working will definetly be a priority to have my own !! then it'll be loads and loads of updates:)
anyway, better go, but i will be back either later today or tomorrow...i want to show you how far i have come on my advent knitting..!

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