Wednesday, 3 December 2008

christmas knitting calendar

so i have finished part two of the christmas knitting calendar by johanna wallin, i am really excited about this one..i have no idea what it will be inthe end..i was thinking some sort of scarf or shawl..but now i am far from sure. i know i'll know more in another few days. very exciting nevertheless! another knit for tonight!

oh, and i won't be blogging anything until next monday, and husband is off from work for a few days...and i am expecting laptop to be occupied until monday morning! lol

have a nice weekend everyone, and enjoy!!


  1. I'm gonna do this one too! some surprise knitting in between packing boxes and moving will be nice...
    I still have to cast on though...

    *off to go through my stash*

  2. lol
    you must have your own computer you know;-) then you can always blog! Or something else you like to do;-)

    Exited about that mystery knitting too, even if I don't do it myself, I just sneak in and watch other peoples work;-D


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