Thursday, 14 August 2014

August start

Oh my God, I haven't written for months and months. And I thought I was going to be good and write loads and loads.

Ah well, one can always give it a go again.
Lately I have been
- knitting
-been on holiday
-been busy
-put on weight

I have decided on really going for the running, and I am going to challenge myself a little...a lot.
I have no camera anymore..for now because we forgot to bring the tablet back home from our holiday. There you go. so until someone comes for a visit, it'll stay at my dad's.

So, tomorrow I am planning to start my challenge, just because it's half an hour until tomorrow starts and it's probably a good idea to get some sleep first.

I am going to label these post under 100 days challenge, although that was another challenge meny years ago.

So, do wish me luck.!!!

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