Thursday, 8 January 2015

Endings and beginnings.RIP

There are always endings of different things in life, sometimes it's the ending of single life, sometimes the ending of being without children..but then there are also beginnings.

A few days ago on January 2. 2015 there was a very important ending, the ending of my lovely grandmothers life. I still haven't quite understood that I will niot be able to see her and speak to her ever again. We were very, extrememly close, she was a mother to me.

She herself said, she didn't only have three children, she had five. First her own three sons, and then me and my brother. (our dad is her son).

And now it endeth...there is a new era in the Tonis clan. I am not sure what it will be like, who will take over as the gatherer of the clan?

In memory of my dear grandmother, I will hereby take the same name I gave my daughter. The same name my farmor had. Maria. I will add it next to my given name in her memory.

Hvil i fred (r.i.p)
Farmor, i hjertet for evig!!    (in my heart for eternity)


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