Monday, 29 December 2014

After Christmas

Christmas is over, and we have stuffed our faces full of food, ice cream and chocolates. I have  put on weight oh yes..because we have hardly been outside the door over the holiday.

Now we are finished, and today I have had my very first run after the celebration.

It was tough and I did a mixture between week one and week two.

I ran 1.48 miles in 30 mintues.. equally much walking as extrememly slow jogging. Nevermind, I had to start somewhere. I also forgot Mr. Dorsett's good advice about rolling my calf with a rolling pin..will give it a shot before next run.

My weight is terrible , the worst ever in my entire life. My startweight for 2015 is 94.2 kilos.

Now that itself is pretty terrible. I know I can do it though.
I am sorry that these next few months will probably contain more running posts than handicrafts...but life calls me and I need to get healthy.

So , this is all for today, have a great day and take care of yourselves my lovelies

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