Monday, 8 December 2014


A few years ago..actually in 2006 I started running a little and I quite enjoyed it. I didn't really ever get good at it, but I liked it. so every once in a while I get the idea that I want to start up i do..and it lasts for a little while..a few months at the most.

Always something that gets in the away, where it's too hot to run, I get ill with a cold or something silly like that. April we decided to buy a treadmill, and I have used it I will say it has been sporadic...but only two weeks unused at the most.

A couple of months ago a friend did the Great Scottish Race, that is a 10k race (I thought it was 5k) and I made a deal with her to meet her at the startline. I am now training for this event.

So far in 2014 I have run just over 80 miles, about 129 km. My goal for 2015 is ro run well over 200 miles...hoping for close to 320 miles to be hones, starting today.  So I have just made a ticker to see my progress :)

I have cought a cold a few days ago (thank you darling daughter) so todays run was a little tough on the head..but I survived and am feeling pretty good about it.  

Also making a new label for all my running posts, just so I can see howI am doing quickly ! Anyway, thank's for reading!!

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