Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Wednesday storm

Today it's really stormy outside, it's windy and one  minute hailstones are hitting my windows and then the next second it rains like mad.

So, I really didn't feel like running today, but then I thought of my goal and a few more things and I got up on the treadmill and got a run in. 1.46 miles today. I listened to some music on Spoitify and all of a sudden my 28 minutes were up.

When spring comes round I think I might venture outside. I want to run around Strathclyde Loch..that is 5 km. I have noticed some people are doing this as a Parkrun and maybe some April I'll join them. Or maybe I'll join the Harriers. Who knows.

I am waiting until I have finished my c25k programme, It lasts 9 weeks and I am due to start my 4th week. Feeling great about the fact that I am running even with a cold in the body! more warm water, honey, lemon and cinnamon..thank you Mr.Dorsett!

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