Monday, 26 October 2015


Last summer, I discovered that the brambles that was growing wild in  my hegde had berries, and I picked enough for us to have as a dessert. I decided to not cut them down, but just see if I could get some more berries this year.

Yesterday was the third time I picked berries this sumer,and still there are loads just waiting to get picked when they are ready.

I got 900ml yesterday, and that was enough for 3 bown FULL of Brambleberries, and I made custard and it was just the yummiest ever!

It's amazing when the garden gives us some stuff we can actually use. I really just love it. At the moment I am trying to grow onions, and so far they are looking ok. They are still just mini's, but I COULD use them I think. Next summer..I might even try potatoes..!

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