Friday, 8 April 2016

On the horizon

On my horizon I can view something new and different....

My experience after trying for a while eat low more fat, less carbohydrates and more wholefoods...well, we have been eating tons of veg for years now... we have literally cut out bread, pasta and potatoes since November...we do have carbs,, but not tons of it.

Today after really trying to get away from sugar....I skipped out of the kitchen...

I SKIPPED...with no effort, and I didn't even think about it until after I had done it.
I still haven't lost tons of weight, not really...but hey my jeans are very loose,....and I ahve to wear a belt.

The jeans were new in November. Lucky for me that I have already worn these jeans out by now, I can happily get a new pair of jeans that will last me for the next 4 months...until hopefully I'll need a new pair anyway..a size smaller.

Maybe wishful thinking, the goal is to fit into my bunad on 17th of May.
Here's a picture of my bunad..THIS in not litereally my bunad,  but this is what it looks like.
 I found this picture after a quick Google search. My grandmother bought it for herself when I was a little girl, and she gave it to me for my confirmation when I was 14, with the promise that she could still use it whenever she wanted. A few years ago I managed to finally take it twith me here to Scotland, and now that my granny passed away over a year ago..I really cherish this costume even more. 

Anyway...weightwise..I will weigh too much, and I still haven't been uinder 90.3 kilos..which was my weight this morning. 

I also finally found my excesise I can start on my c25k program again.

Wish me all the best!

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