Tuesday, 19 April 2016


I had a goal..and that was to run (or jog) 300 mils this year...I didn't manage last year...but I really want to to it this year.....


We are halfway through April already...I haven't even run 3 miles yet..I better get a move on if I want to reach my target.!

Do you think I can do it?

Wish me luck, anyway...


  1. That's an ambitious goal, considering you haven't done much yet :-) I wish you the best of luck, and keep us posted!

  2. I know you can do it! I need to get in shape/lose some weight but I'm afraid the plantar fasciitis in my feet is coming back. I'm hoping to di whatever I can. That's my advice to you too, just start- something will be better than nothing. I'm not a runner at all so I really respect this goal of yours!


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