Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Hi again!

I am back after a long holiday, We have been in Norway for almost three weeks, it was fantastic. All of it was great for a change, and I didn't put on the usual 3-5 kilos either. I met up with my cousins and their kids, I met my old friend from School, I hadn't seen her for probably about 20 years ..and yes.

It was great, we went places, saw things I hadn't seen before and in general we came home feeling very happy.

It is great to be home in Norway, but it's wonderful to come home to my own house, my kitchen, my bed..and my stuff. So, yeah, I still have too much stuff...but it's mine!

We have been shopping school uniform, and we were ready for High School over a week ago.
She looked so smart when she walked to school with her friends that first day. She still looks equally smart.

And the best thing, I think she is kind of enjoying herself there..still getting used to the school and new classmates, but still..good stuff happening.

For myself, I have a plan, and definetly a plan involving this blog. Come next month, I might have a phone that actually works with Blogger, and that means I can once again upload photos, yay!

So, I will leave you all here, hoping you have a great day!
 The cat!


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