Monday, 29 August 2016


So I have changed the name on my blog, for a few reasons..

  • I live away from my home country and I often miss my language and my family.
  • I come from a Nordic country and have always loved Vikings and they are a part of my heritage, according to my grandfather St.Olav was my 30 great grandfather. 
  • I like to think my name Linn comes from the name Hlin that has been mentioned as a goddess, some people think it's another name for the Goddess Frigg. I like to think Hlin was a goddess of her own, a minor goddess, but still. 
  • They used to take the fathers name as surname in "the olden days" , so I am doing it too. 
I guess these are the only reasons for the change, and who doesn't need a change every so often?

Have a great day! 

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