Friday, 8 November 2013

Been a while

More than a few weeks since  I posted properly. I can of course explain.

Some weeks ago my laptop decided to let go of the screen, which means it's no longer a LAPtop, more of a sits on the arm of my beighbouring sofa and it's hard work using the internet.

It doesn't stop me, and I have been obsessed with hair lately (again). I have finally , at the age of 35 understood what it takes to finally getting waist long hair. I have wanted loooong  hair since I was 8, and never gotten past waist.

BUT now I GET it. I need to take care of my ends, keep them healthy, search and destroy , oil them and stop brushing my hair with a hairbrush. For 3 weeks now I have only combed my hair with a plastic wide tooth comb that I have had for years and years.

So, I will not have a haircut ever again, a trim maybe but no cut. If I manage to kep on top of split ends I shouldn't need a trim either. So there you have it:)

I am a very happy lass now that I have figured it out.

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