Friday, 29 November 2013

New Film

I received an email about the Nordic film festival here in UK, and one film cought my eye. It's called
  Chasing the wind and has three showings in uk I think.

I will try to go and view it, if I can get the husband to agree.

It's finally weekend, it's quite windy outside, which is sad,because I have to go out in it. I am not going far though so hopefully be back within the hour.

 Oh,and before I finish up, I took some weeks and weeks ago. We had to walk a route we don't usually walkand after several weeks I noticed this just next to the road. I really like it.

 Here's the whole lot of them, twelve signs,each for each month..
 Here's june
 And April, up side down of course
Just next to that, there's a map over an art cool! Might try it one day!

But not today,now I am just going to finish my coffee and then get going. I do have a couple of knitted things finished...might even get around to show you those too...
See ya later, lovelies!  (Hey Torrin, sorry- but I do it too even before I "met" you!!)

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