Friday, 22 November 2013

-what day??-

What a week ,not that is has been that out of theordinary but still...Schools were off on Monday- Inservice day, so when school started on Monday it just utterly confused me.

I even phoned my 91 years old grandmother thinking it was Monday...I bet that made her feel good about herself knowing she forgets bits and bobs.

Tuesday was a pretty good day,even managed to get ourselves too Highland dancing,and allthe mums sat there discussing stuff...can't even remember what it was but I enjoyed it nevertheless.

Wednesday was pretty cool too, after school it was time for dinner and then off to Brownies. While dsughter was at Brownies I had planned to continue reading Pyramids by Terry Pratchett (yup,I have been hooked on Discworld since December 2012) but alas, it didn't work out for me. Instead I went home with a friend of mine and had acup of coffee and a good chat. It was nice, don't see her half as much anymore as before the summer.

Yesterday was tougher, daughter was being difficult in the morning,but got her off to school atleast.Home,dinner then swimming...home to practise piano...tougfh day,I think she is rather tired and will get her to bed early tonight. After her piano lesson with Charlotte the great.

It was a tough morning today as well, can I excuse it with it being a Friday? I am not sure,but it's really hardgoing.

I am in my mind thinking that after the summer we finish the swimming, unless she really wants to continue. She is definetly doing well.

About me...My hair feels so long, and this Friday I have decided on getting rid of afew bits and know : going for the minimalistic house. Not sure if I will ever manage,but I will give it a shot.

Wish me luck.
Have a good weekend lovelies!

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