Friday, 31 January 2014


 Many moons ago I was busy making some slippers with some wool I had been given...we are not talking about a few moons, not even five or six.

Many more moons than that. And it's a long time since they were finished as well...but I never took a picture of them not for the blog or for Ravelry but I have finally, after YEARS of not doing they are:

My Sandnes Fritidsgarn slippers, crocheted with hook 5.5 mm and I loooove them. The pattern is Hexagon boot slippers  and they are really warm and comfy.
Such a pity I don't live in a very cold country or even a cold house.

This is what it looks like in Cental Scotland these days...just after 4pm yesterday:

 Grey, yes...but no rain nor snow...!
I'll let you go ,and will be off to finish a little knitting project..omething for the hands :)

Watch this space. Enjoy  your weekend lovelies!

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