Thursday, 6 August 2015

Summer holiday

The summer holiday is already nearly finished, and some weather we have had!!. Not much heat at all.

But still, it was really not too bad and we have managed to do  a few things such as
 Going to family do's and meeting new baby cousins, and in my case meeting my one and only nephew. (lurve that little boy)
 Going for a swim in the pool in my childhood home together with the larger family(dad's wife's grandchildren). This place which is still "home-home" to me. 
 Meeting an elg at the Tall ships race...surprisingly weird, but fun

 Seeing sand sculptures being made..impressive indeed!!!!

 Buying Hockey powder..I love it...just loooooove it!!!
 We saw loads of Tall ships...and they were all lovely

 It was great to be able to get on board the ships...I fell in love with the one from Equador..which is not this one..but this one is instead the worlds largest Tall ship, 4 masts it had..pity I get easily seasick..even if I did grow up spending most of my summerholidays in a sailboat.,..! 

 We have met old friends, and visited them..and took amazing pictures from their livingroom...

 We also met new friends, and got to enjoy the view with them.

 We got to see all the ships on the fjord going out to the startline for the last race for this year. 

 We also did a little bit of colouring in..and got new books and pencils for this. (Thank you Aunty N and Aunty B). 
 I even got wool to start up a new own pattern this time..! Happy...happy!!!

 Oh, must not forget the salmon tunnel..that was just cool
 The steps where that salmon can jump..
 And indeed they do so...I could see a salmon tail..welll done to Kvås
 And here's a beautiful picture of the outside...

Then the holiday was over for this year...and we landed in Liverpool...

And we acidentally came across some Beatles art..stopped in the roundabout for some pictures..and then were on our way...

Back to Scotland...!

And now we are is still rubbish and things still need to be done.

Breakfast needs made and eaten, and dishes and laundry is waiting.

Still, It IS nice to come home, and this time I will have even more binbags ready for my decluttering..oh yes!.

No mercy.


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