Sunday, 15 September 2013

Bare en liten sak som jeg måhuske på...

Physical, -- but not in the ways I used to define this, where it meant running around trying 

to find new clients here and there and at the other place, and getting exhausted. 

Physical, in the sense of physically taking care of things like my taxes; in the sense of clearing the mess from my desk and putting a system in place to track and direct all the new income 

I'll be generating; in the sense of setting up my studio to handle the increased energy, focus, and flow of paying work. 

Physical in the sense of continuing to declutter my living space and make it into something I feel good about and that reflects my new ideas about who I am. 

And then physically going and exercising more, and going to play more with my horse and allowing myself to enjoy that life I already have.

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