Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Good morning everyone,
I don't mean to be negative here but this month has not started so great...the last week i have been struggling with headaches, not constant but that could be because I have been taking headache tablets almost every day.

So, it IS time to change my life, i have had som many signs the last week that it's just crazy and I can see now how it all fits together.

So from  today I will start a new challenge..if you have followed me a while..you will already know that I always fall off any challenge..but this is only for 30 days and I have a chance to see if I feel any different. It has to do with eating, and today is the first day.

It's arranged by Melissa and I will do my very best to keep this going.

Apart from my no energy and headaches...life still goes on and I still have laundry to do and activities to take Kamma to..and on Mondays this is my waiting view....
 This is where I often spend an hour on a Monday evening..yay!

 This morning when I came back home fromthe school run, I had a cup of coffee in that lovely mug my sister-in.law gave me for my birthday. I guess it will be the last time for weeks that I hae normal milk in my coffee...let's see how we like THAT  :) 

The last picture of the day, my friend posted it on her Facebook page, it's her 35th birthday today and to honour her , her picture comes up here. It's is also going into my smashbook later on today so there..! 

Gratulerer med dagen Rigmor  !
Now I am off to sort out my kitchen, to see what lunchtime will bring me..! 

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