Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Yeah, sure why not?
I have bewildered myself into the deep forest of the unknown...and it's a little scary. So...did I mention my little food challenge? Well, I have been doing "it" for 24 cheating..cause what's the point?

Still having coconut milk in my coffee(not that great tasting just yet, but I drank it without problems this morning). More energy? Not quite yet, maybe another day or so?

Eggs for lunch with ham..and then a banana..! And I feel rather satisfied..that's just weird.

Well, that's that...I am supposed to go out, but it's pouring outside and I was hoping it migh lighten a little before I venture out there. I have come  to the conclusion that this Autumn and will be a lot of tights, wellies and skirts for me...! My fairly new Adidas trainers won't hold the whole winter I can tell you already  now :(

And my last pair of jeans that fit,when they are done, they're done.  I WILL NOT BUY ANY MORE JEANS!!!  I already have several in the wardrobe, unused, not until I can fit them I need to wear what I have..and skirts that fit, that I have.

So, I hope this challenge I have joined will give me a boost in the right direction!  But, as I say, still early days but I am hopeful.

Oh whoops, there's a knock on the door...oh a delivery man..guess what arrived?
Yup, it's a set of  Highland dance swords for Kamma. I will get a picture for you and post it tomorrow!

I better get going now, someone named Jacky is waiting for me...!

Have a good day lovelies

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