Monday, 8 February 2010

Long time, no see

Oh my....
It HAS been a VERY long time since I have blogged. Life has given me some other priorities, or is it maybe just an excuse? Maybe I haven't had the desire to blog? Or maybe is it the feeling that my posts are never written well enough, never the way I want them to be. 

The only way to fix my little problem , is just start up again. And I do have a few pictures to show you so...

We were in Norway for Christmas, and as we were on our way to Torp Airport,this is what it looked like.
Nice and snowy!
I was a bit worried about our flight, flight was ok, but the computers at the airport did not want to work, so we were waiting for an hour to get our luggage checked in.

We did arrive at Prestwick airport on expected time. It was really cold there, but no snow at all.

I can't even tell you when I made this neckwarmer, and I made up the pattern. 
I don't remember anything about it...It has been such a long time since I made it. I might have put some info on ravelry...!

This is Catriona's school scarf, in the school colours.
Wool: Elle Pure old DK
needles:4 mm
mood: Very happy!

I have been very good,  started AND finished a baby blanket. Next job is to be equally good and mail it to baby Grace!
Wool: stylecraft Simple dk,crocheted double
hook: 5.5
Mood: Fairly happy

Before I go, I really want to show you what my granny gave me when I was in Norway.
This is the box she used to have buttons in, an old chocolate tin.
I am doing the samey granny, and putting all my buttons in it(all the 15 buttons i have).
I might not have many buttons, but now atleast they have a home!

I am so happy!

Also,I guess I should mention that i  am busy knitting shawls and socks these days..and another baby blanket is on my hook...literally!

Thank's for coming by, I know I have been rubbish at updates this year, It can only get better!