Friday, 5 August 2011


Well, so far....I went to Glasgow..and you'd think it was for shopping but no...justto do something different with my daughter. YES , I did buy something..but all can be explained...
1. keyrings, for the OslOve heart I have made, so it can come with me if I use the bag or the the rucksack
2. inkpad, or whatever it is I can use my embossing powder on my letters and envelopes
3. Schoolshoes for my daugher, her previous ones were accidentally dropped in the sea while wading toghtether with Lisemors kids and husband. It was also nice to meet Lisemor for the first time! Hopefully nt thelast, and my Princess LOVED playing with their three kids.

Anyway, new shoes were needed!
I also had an icecoffe..but NO sweets and I saw some fabric..well...fleece..and I am going to sew a fleece dress for myself this autumn! *YAY*

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


And I have started..Project STOP is on it's way. Last time I kept it going for well over three weeks until Hallowe'en, but this time it will be a full year..atleast I will give it a shot! 

I am going to Glasgow today, and will see if there's any material I could maybe use...want to sew something for myself that I can maybe use. Must of course also bring some fruit that The Princess and I can munch as we are there. It can be a long day, as hubby doesn't finish work until 5.30 ish! 
Princess is having a shower, better go check all is well in there!!
Day 1 , I am HERE!!!!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Project STOP !

I have been utterly inspired...yes, I have been inspired before...but I am once again !
What is the danger of trying out something new?

In my eyes it can only be a good thing. I have three projects ongoing...and I will start tomorrow...August 3rd. 
Project 1. Lose the weight
Project 2. 12 months without sweeties
Project 3. Shop-stop

I can explain what these things mean...! 
The first one basically means that I am going to lose the 30 kilos I am overweight. This is all.

The second part is what I have mentioned before, sometime last year...No bought sweeties..if I want anything I will have to make or bake.

The third one is also very important..I am not going to buy anything that I don't need. If I want something I am allowed to buy wool and material for making myself stuff...but change it to simplicity! 

I have more than enough stuff in my house, there is no need for more things. I am also of course allowed to get clothes and shoes for my daughter, and also shoes for myself, I walk alot and wear my shoes out in one year. 

BUT, this is a great project..and I will live with fruit and tea. Will also do my best to live a healthy natural life, and cut down on coffee consumption. 

I might even blog more often! Hurrah!

Wish me luck..!
Start ; 3. August 2011
Finish. 2. august. 2012


I have been on holiday to Norway, my home! It started out very rainy but still ok...then..I heard on the tv that there had been a big explosion in the Government buildings in Oslo...then a little later there were shootings at a place called Utøya...where around 700 kids were attending a political summer camp.

The disasterous thing happened, a man shot at the kids..and killed many...many to many...shouldn't have been one life lost, but it was. This day will forever be remembered as the worst happening in Norway after The Second World war..!

All I want to say is. Rest in Peace everyone, you will not be forgotten!