Friday, 29 November 2013

New Film

I received an email about the Nordic film festival here in UK, and one film cought my eye. It's called
  Chasing the wind and has three showings in uk I think.

I will try to go and view it, if I can get the husband to agree.

It's finally weekend, it's quite windy outside, which is sad,because I have to go out in it. I am not going far though so hopefully be back within the hour.

 Oh,and before I finish up, I took some weeks and weeks ago. We had to walk a route we don't usually walkand after several weeks I noticed this just next to the road. I really like it.

 Here's the whole lot of them, twelve signs,each for each month..
 Here's june
 And April, up side down of course
Just next to that, there's a map over an art cool! Might try it one day!

But not today,now I am just going to finish my coffee and then get going. I do have a couple of knitted things finished...might even get around to show you those too...
See ya later, lovelies!  (Hey Torrin, sorry- but I do it too even before I "met" you!!)

Friday, 22 November 2013

-what day??-

What a week ,not that is has been that out of theordinary but still...Schools were off on Monday- Inservice day, so when school started on Monday it just utterly confused me.

I even phoned my 91 years old grandmother thinking it was Monday...I bet that made her feel good about herself knowing she forgets bits and bobs.

Tuesday was a pretty good day,even managed to get ourselves too Highland dancing,and allthe mums sat there discussing stuff...can't even remember what it was but I enjoyed it nevertheless.

Wednesday was pretty cool too, after school it was time for dinner and then off to Brownies. While dsughter was at Brownies I had planned to continue reading Pyramids by Terry Pratchett (yup,I have been hooked on Discworld since December 2012) but alas, it didn't work out for me. Instead I went home with a friend of mine and had acup of coffee and a good chat. It was nice, don't see her half as much anymore as before the summer.

Yesterday was tougher, daughter was being difficult in the morning,but got her off to school atleast.Home,dinner then swimming...home to practise piano...tougfh day,I think she is rather tired and will get her to bed early tonight. After her piano lesson with Charlotte the great.

It was a tough morning today as well, can I excuse it with it being a Friday? I am not sure,but it's really hardgoing.

I am in my mind thinking that after the summer we finish the swimming, unless she really wants to continue. She is definetly doing well.

About me...My hair feels so long, and this Friday I have decided on getting rid of afew bits and know : going for the minimalistic house. Not sure if I will ever manage,but I will give it a shot.

Wish me luck.
Have a good weekend lovelies!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


This first picture was taken yesterday,18th of November. Not really any difference than last month . Still the same length,and difficult to take a picture of.

Wet hair after plopping it. Was heavily oiled with Coconut oil before washing as well.

These two pics was taken today 19th of November, really difficult to take pics of my hair.
 Besides, I don't like how it looks these days. Could be because :
* I must not do heavy oiling, only oiling of my ends*

Aaargh,I also look so big...! not good!!

Anyway,enjoy your day peeps.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Been a while

More than a few weeks since  I posted properly. I can of course explain.

Some weeks ago my laptop decided to let go of the screen, which means it's no longer a LAPtop, more of a sits on the arm of my beighbouring sofa and it's hard work using the internet.

It doesn't stop me, and I have been obsessed with hair lately (again). I have finally , at the age of 35 understood what it takes to finally getting waist long hair. I have wanted loooong  hair since I was 8, and never gotten past waist.

BUT now I GET it. I need to take care of my ends, keep them healthy, search and destroy , oil them and stop brushing my hair with a hairbrush. For 3 weeks now I have only combed my hair with a plastic wide tooth comb that I have had for years and years.

So, I will not have a haircut ever again, a trim maybe but no cut. If I manage to kep on top of split ends I shouldn't need a trim either. So there you have it:)

I am a very happy lass now that I have figured it out.