Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Springtime Swirl

After really focusing on finishing this shawl, I am finally done. The knitted bind off edge took me 13 days to finish, and I absolutely love this shawl.

Here she is: lovely and adorable I just love the design, and the fact that I have had this as a tv knit. I think the pattern is really easy to memorise, or I have become so familiar with lace that it's no problem. (i'll go for the first answer).
I really like the look, and the colour is really me too

I pinned the shawl during the day and while I was away to my dancersise class last night my daughter (5) had removed all the pins that i used to block the shawl, and she said "it was dry mamma"...BUT it was not, so not as blocked as I would like..but not too bad either.

It was a bit windy today:) and the sun shone for the shawl(10 minutes later..it was raining.

Yarn: Wendy Mode DK
needles; 3.5 mm
Satisfaction: very satisfied indeed!!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Vikings at Largs

On Saturday 5th of September we went to Largs to have a look at the viking village there. It's some sort of yearly festival to remember a viking battle in the 1200's. They also do a reenactment of the battle, but it was a bit too late in the evening for us.This is the entrance to Largs viking village, it was a very wet and windy day

Picture of the houses in the village Some viking ladies doing their crafts

This viking has mittens on, they are not knitted nor crocheted, but done the old viking way with naalebinding

I am not sure what this viking was doing, but he was very intense and focused..and I do see runes...so it's definetly something to do with runes.
There was also a tent with wool and drop spindles, and the lady dyed the wool with natural colouring...of have lost her card, and I have no picutes..was too busy looking..!
I loved it, and will go next year as well!