Friday, 20 February 2009


Good afternoon everyone, i have finally gotten around to take photos of the stripey hat i have made,. i really love the doesn't fit me!!! it fits my 5 years old much better...and i don't think i'll ever get around to actually make one for myself. i felt it took a long time to finish this hat, besides i have millions of other projects on the go.

Such as this Raspberry Chevron Afghan for my brother's wedding in late may, and i started on Valentine's day, and I will make sure they know that;) the wool I am using is..oh dear..i cannot remember...better ask Nan...she'll know..the colour is Kemp, that i know:) Could it be Special 20% wool? need to find out, i do have two other 400G balls of wool waiting for me at the shop..., so i better get knitting:)

and i have also started on these Swirly girl socks, this is very much a "for fun" kind of project and so far i really like it. i have wanted to knit some socks for some time now, and finally i got around to do it. yay! let's see...i am using Drops Fabel, and also the red in the socks are Viking Froeya.

yup, i do keep myself busy! hope you'll have a wonderful weekend, and let me knoe you were here;

L xxx

Friday, 13 February 2009


Good evening to you all, i just wanted to show you my february scarf, it's the pudorosa! it's just so cute, and i love it. it's so...i dunno, it's just so me. and the white buttons really "does" or "makes" the whole neckwarmer.

it looks a bit wonky i suppose,but it isn't-really:) it was also really fast to knit, and i finished it before i finished the january scarf in the previous post. i just wanted them in the correct order.

OH, i promise you that when the weather gets warmer and drier....i will take my pics maybe you can actually see the knitting, i know bad photos is a real downer..but i will be better!!

L xx

january scarf

here is my january scarf, took me a long time to knit this one. this pattern is made my torilh, but she has been inspired by the fan neckwarmer.

this will be a christmas present for my sister-in law. i hope she'll like it:)

the wool i have used is unknown, and i had to wind it off a cone and separate two strands of wool, and this is why it took such a long time to knit. i do quite like it, but this one is for Nina!

have a good friday 13th!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

cherry mittens

here are my Cherry mittens almost done. the knitting is finished,and they have even been worn , but after thinking about it for a few days, i felted them just a tiny bit, and now they fit just perfect. so the picture is before felting;)
i must admit, they have been finished almost two weeks now, and these are my first attempt on knitting mittens"properly" with a pattern and all, and i am very happy with the result. The wool is Wensleydale Longwool, and it was given to me sometime last year by Julia that didn't want it anymore. i think i made good use of it don't you? So thank you Julia:)
Thank you for popping by, let me know you were here, won't you?

Monday, 9 February 2009

wham bam

Hello there, it's been a while! how have you al been? i have missed my blogupdates, especially because i finished this wham bam thank you lamb a while ago. i just never got around to upload the photos from my camera(correction, my hubby's camera that is)
i didn't realise that the first picture was so blurred, but the colour is correct, so i can't get myself to remove it. I have been pretty busy getting a cold you see, but now i am feeling alot better. i have some other photos to show you in a few days ...i really need to find the febryuary neckwarmer as's finished, but i have put it somewhere safe..and i can't remember where..! of maybe it's the "husnisse" that took it???
it's snow once again her, so i am going to enjoy one hour of tv watching and coffee drinking..before i need to go out again!
have a good day everyone!! xxx