Friday, 31 January 2014


 Many moons ago I was busy making some slippers with some wool I had been given...we are not talking about a few moons, not even five or six.

Many more moons than that. And it's a long time since they were finished as well...but I never took a picture of them not for the blog or for Ravelry but I have finally, after YEARS of not doing they are:

My Sandnes Fritidsgarn slippers, crocheted with hook 5.5 mm and I loooove them. The pattern is Hexagon boot slippers  and they are really warm and comfy.
Such a pity I don't live in a very cold country or even a cold house.

This is what it looks like in Cental Scotland these days...just after 4pm yesterday:

 Grey, yes...but no rain nor snow...!
I'll let you go ,and will be off to finish a little knitting project..omething for the hands :)

Watch this space. Enjoy  your weekend lovelies!

Monday, 27 January 2014


Yes indeed, it's finished. It took me 20 days to knit, proably since I didn't knit in the round.

I am really happy with it, and I will probably use it quite a bit. I am obsessed with jackets or kofter these days.
My husband has printed the pattern for a kofte at his work, but I don't remember which it is,so that will surely be a surprise.

I feel the pictures are a little weird, the angle doesn't look right, but you can surely see the colours.
Also, the buttons are different as you can see from the closeup.

 Some facts about this one:
Pattern made by "the needle lady" and I bought the Norwegian Magazine Familien where I found it.

I have used :Stylecraft Special DK (yep, pure acrylics)
Needles: size 3.5 mm
I used 520 grams in size large.

The buttons were given to me, they all came from Nan at Stitching time in Hamilton.

I guess that is all for today. I have hidden a coupe of loose ends inside the jacket, so I have a little job to do later tonight :)

Now, do take care of yourselves, especially those that experience alot of snow. Here in Central Scotland we have none. Just as well as we lead busy lives me and my family.

For dinner we are having lamb, it has been cooking in the slowcooker since this smells yummy...!

Take care lovelies <3 p="">

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Hair- January

Finally here comes January's picture of my hair. It should be about 5 cm longer than the first picture taken in October 2013.

 It's not taken from straight behind, just slightly at am angle...but I think it's definetly getting there.
I think I can even see a bit of fairytailing going on here,so all in all : pretty happy about the result!

Friday, 17 January 2014

A sneaky look

Hey ho, weekend again ! Not that I'll be doing anything special this weekend other than trying to get nearer the finishing of this Hverdagsjakka. I have done alot of knitting, BUT with all these different colours I am afraid that sewing all those loose ends might take me forever to do. 

Nevertheless, I love the look of this jacket and evenwith it being knitted with pure acrylics...I think I'll be using it alot when spring comes a little closer. Not that we have hada cold winter might still come. 

So here's a little sneaky look at some of the colours in my jacket..I am in louuuuv! 

Off to do some more knitting and planning my next project. Have a lovely weekend lovelies and I'll be back with my weekend adventures next week!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

mani of the day

I did my nails a few days ago, and of course they do start chipping at the tip.
I am not a big fan of chipped polish, so I spunged some black polish on my tips. Here is the end result:

I think the result is ok enough.
Did I tell you that I am not buying any polishes this year, except base coat and top coat.
That's it.
I don't mean to dissapoint any nailfans out there, but I am slowly getting a little fed up with at some point I might give it a rest.

I have this thing, I always have to "use it up" and that is how I feel at the moment- so when I have used up the majority of my polishes...I might say: I'm outta here!!!

We'll see how I feel in a few months time.
But for now, take care my lovelies!

Monday, 13 January 2014

First 2014

I can't believe it, I have finished a knittitng project in this month. It's amazing. It's just a scarf, straightforward scarf, knit, knit, knit and voila - it's feeneesh!!

The thing about this scarf is the colour. I have tried to take proper pictures, but the sparkles just won't show properly.

The wool is bought at Stitiching time in Hamilton , Lanarkshire- Scotland.
Laines du Nord-Papavero is this lovely wool. And here's the result:

I must admit, I am really happy with it, and I am sorry to say the pictures doesn't do it justice at all.

If you think I am having a knitting break the rest of the month...then :Noooo absolutely not.

Maybe I did mention this "hverdagsjakka" I am knitting, just a test one to check the size, but I think it will be so cool even if it is actylic wool i am using.

Might get picture of my jacket later this week, tryingto keep you in suspence , haha!

Have a great day my lovelies, let me know how you are doing.

Friday, 10 January 2014


Good morning everyone, today I felt like writing about books. Not alot about books- just a little.

When I was a little girl, I used to love to read, and I did read. ALOT.
I was addicted to reading books, and read every single day. I think my dear grandfather Faffa really liked that fact. I used to go to his library and borrow books and read them. He also gave me his sisters old books, she unfortunately died when she was 12-14 years old.

I am also named after her by the way :)

Anyway, I have been neglecting books for years..since I movedto Scotland actually. I am notthat is the reason, by my baby girl started growing and needing more attention and so I guess it just happened.

In 2013 I decided I wanted to read more , and I have done so. I am about to finish the 12th book since January and I am ever so proud of that achievement.

At the moment I have 30 pages left to read of Little Women, I have found it a very inspiring book and at times very sad.  I know that it is a book I will want to read again sometime.

I am already making plans for my next books to read, as my husband got 3 Jo Nesbø books for Christmas, I have a feelingI'll be finished with them before he even starts. Hahah, he's not much of a reader this Kris of mine.

I will also continue with my projectof reading the Discworld series, which I am really enjoying reading. Yay to Terry Pratchett.

No time to read during the day, only evening.
Oh, and the very best discovery of all....When I read using the Kindle, I can knit at the same time. AMAZING!!!!

Do you have any reading secrets to tell or any books worth reading, please to let me know in the comments below.

Have a great day my lovelies

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Hair-Dec 13

Here's the Picture from December. It's only another few weeks until my next picture,so..enjoy...??

Friday, 3 January 2014

Last project of last year

Hi, and how are you all this fine third day of the new year.
It has been raining most of today, but we have still managed to do all our  shopping and we are ready for the weekend and the first week back to school and work.

I have some pictures of my last knitting project this year, it's a stole/scarf in lace wooln and I absolutely love it.

Soitis the end of this first Friday, and I bid you all lovelies a good night

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy 2014

Good evening and Happy New Year 2014.

I promise to update more often, and keep this blog alive throughout the year.

I have many New years resolutions, this is one of them.
Another one is to get closer to my goal regarding my health.
Some other ones are reading 12 books, writing more letters and knit myself a traditional Norwegian cardigan, also known as a Kofte!

We celebrated Christmas and New year in Norway and had a great time. But as always, it's nice to come home to your own stuff  and coffee....

Happy new year then, I'll give you a little sparkle and this is all I daughters new shoes.
Enjoy 2014 my lovelies!! :)