Monday, 29 December 2014

After Christmas

Christmas is over, and we have stuffed our faces full of food, ice cream and chocolates. I have  put on weight oh yes..because we have hardly been outside the door over the holiday.

Now we are finished, and today I have had my very first run after the celebration.

It was tough and I did a mixture between week one and week two.

I ran 1.48 miles in 30 mintues.. equally much walking as extrememly slow jogging. Nevermind, I had to start somewhere. I also forgot Mr. Dorsett's good advice about rolling my calf with a rolling pin..will give it a shot before next run.

My weight is terrible , the worst ever in my entire life. My startweight for 2015 is 94.2 kilos.

Now that itself is pretty terrible. I know I can do it though.
I am sorry that these next few months will probably contain more running posts than handicrafts...but life calls me and I need to get healthy.

So , this is all for today, have a great day and take care of yourselves my lovelies

Saturday, 27 December 2014


I have for a while now been really fed up with nails and polishes, so a few weeks ago I cut them short and put the polishes away. Maybe that's what i needed because I was inspired by Beautylish top make some peacock inspired nails. 

I am very happy with the result, and also going to go with my natural curls from now on, not going to brush them out any more. Wish me luck! 

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Wednesday storm

Today it's really stormy outside, it's windy and one  minute hailstones are hitting my windows and then the next second it rains like mad.

So, I really didn't feel like running today, but then I thought of my goal and a few more things and I got up on the treadmill and got a run in. 1.46 miles today. I listened to some music on Spoitify and all of a sudden my 28 minutes were up.

When spring comes round I think I might venture outside. I want to run around Strathclyde Loch..that is 5 km. I have noticed some people are doing this as a Parkrun and maybe some April I'll join them. Or maybe I'll join the Harriers. Who knows.

I am waiting until I have finished my c25k programme, It lasts 9 weeks and I am due to start my 4th week. Feeling great about the fact that I am running even with a cold in the body! more warm water, honey, lemon and cinnamon..thank you Mr.Dorsett!

Monday, 8 December 2014


A few years ago..actually in 2006 I started running a little and I quite enjoyed it. I didn't really ever get good at it, but I liked it. so every once in a while I get the idea that I want to start up i do..and it lasts for a little while..a few months at the most.

Always something that gets in the away, where it's too hot to run, I get ill with a cold or something silly like that. April we decided to buy a treadmill, and I have used it I will say it has been sporadic...but only two weeks unused at the most.

A couple of months ago a friend did the Great Scottish Race, that is a 10k race (I thought it was 5k) and I made a deal with her to meet her at the startline. I am now training for this event.

So far in 2014 I have run just over 80 miles, about 129 km. My goal for 2015 is ro run well over 200 miles...hoping for close to 320 miles to be hones, starting today.  So I have just made a ticker to see my progress :)

I have cought a cold a few days ago (thank you darling daughter) so todays run was a little tough on the head..but I survived and am feeling pretty good about it.  

Also making a new label for all my running posts, just so I can see howI am doing quickly ! Anyway, thank's for reading!!


I have finally finished knitting the bunad and it has already been used.
I have no pattern for this, it has just been planned on paper and then as I went along.

It is based on my own bunad from Vest Agder.

Here's the original bunad

Friday, 21 November 2014

November hair

Hair November 2014, over a year since I actively started REALLY growing it. It's a little bit of fairytailing going on, but not too much actually. This is the day before wash day. Another year and I will most definetly be at Classic!!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Hair October 2014

It has been a while since I posted any pictures of my hair...been busy but of course still taking care of my hair. I am at hip going on bcl!! Yay for that

Friday, 31 October 2014


This summer I was busy kntiing a "kofte", that means a knitted jacked with  two or more  colours in the pattern at the same time. Best to mentiopn Fair isle knitting here.

I have finally managed to take a picture of it, and just to let you know..i love it!!!

i have used New Lanark wool, most of it is actually leftover wook. I had to buy two lilacs and 3 whites to complete the whole thing.Buttons are bought somewhere in Norway, possibly Karmin in Kristiansand.

Anyway, here she is :

Friday, 3 October 2014

Casting on

Finished one project, starting another one.
The skirt is pretty much done, I have even sewed the bias tape on! Now that is just amazing, as I really don't like hand sewing too much.

So, I thought while I fancy it I better start on the waistcoat or vest for the bunad. I started a few days ago and I have knitted one whole cm! yay..

Now, I think I might have to put the knitting on hold for a day atleast. I have a letter to reply to today and the husband is coming home tonight as well...don't know what he'll say about the redecoration we have done...!

Ah well, nevermind!
I'll be attentind the Harvest service at school today, and hopefully it will be quite nice. Babygirl forgot her violin, so I'll need to bring it and find her among all the other kids.

So , letterwise, Brenda I have started my letter to you!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Casting off

I am just so happy, I started casting off the skirt..I am nearly finished! Cannot believe it to be honest and I know the result will be amazing when 17th of May comes around. It will be a great celebration this time.

I am so excited, I will have to find a needle and thread to sew the bias tape on the inside of the skirt, to avoid too much sagging.  I just wish I could show you right now, but hopefully I'll have the opportunity to take some pictures in a few weeks time.

I just wanted to let you know, and now I'm off to daughters room , we are changing a little in there and now I have to tidy up after myself, so she can start fresh again come Friday!

Take care of yourselves my lovelies, and do let me know about your project  and your own blog.

<3 nbsp="" p="">

Sunday, 28 September 2014

A Wish

After realising that Scotland will still continue to be a part of United Kingdom, although not a very united kingdom, life still goes on. A while ago I finished my Fana kofte (jacket) but I still have no pictures to show.

I wish for a phone, camera or something that will let me upload my pictures so i can show them to you all.

But for now, nooothing!

I have been knitting on my Melissakofte, here's a picture of Melissa herself and her mum that has written the pattern. Melissa herself found it at a flea market when she was 15 and has since used it alot. She was a part of the reality tv series "the farm" in Norway. I haven't seen it myself, as I don't live in Norway, but I love this kofte. Luckily for me, the pattern was released in the magazing Famoilien, So when my grandmother had saved this magazine for me, I was so so so so happy.

I am using Sjølingstad wool, I visited the factory in Southern Norway this summer and purchased some wool. Originally I had another kofte in my  mind, but I am happy with my disicion.
The colours I am using are pink and black.

Oh, i am nearly finished with my daughters "bunad skirt", I have been knitting it for a while now, and I think another week and I'll have t completely finished. I am so happy and so excited,  My daughter is 10 years old, and nearly my height so it has been a pretty big knit. I more plans for it though, such as a vest and a belt and also maybe an apron. We'll see how much time I have.

It needs to be finisehd for 17th of May 2015.  It will end up looking something like this I hope!
Today I am home alone, doesn't happen that often so today I have changed bits in our livingroom. Not so sure if the husband will approve, but he's away so I get to do what I want!
So, time for some more knitting and  then some dinner.
Take care my lovelies

Monday, 22 September 2014

Check out my new Avon Brochure

Check out my new Avon Brochure: Hi Everyone! Here's a sneak peak at some of the latest products available in my Avon Brochure. Be sure to click

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Tomorrow is the big day, the Referendum! Will Scotland be a country of it's own or continue to be a part of the United Kingdom?

I have no say , no vote as a Norwegian but I know which side I am leaning towards. I am going to  make my husband vote, and he has the same opinion as me.

I have no cool pictures to show, (no working camera, phone or such) but yesterday I saw a YES girl campaigning and then later on a saw a hoard of No campaigners going door to door.

It is truly an exciting time here in Scotland, and he thing is..if we stay in UK, will there ever be a change for the better?
And how scary is the thought of going at it alone?

If it weren't for the fact I am NORWEGIAN I would definetly be SCOTTISH!!

Good luck Scotland, hope for the best!!

Friday, 15 August 2014


Not time to brag just yet, because I have started projects plenty of times before. Just wanted to get my numbers down,so I have something to lokk back at.

Today,on day one..

87 kg
I ran.
1m :17.13
30 min: 1.81 m
2.5m: 40.47
3.11m: 50.44
1hr: 3.56 miles.

Loads of room for improvement,but for this first week (and weekend) I am going to focus on actually getting on with it and actually do the running.
I have named my treadmill, his name is Luke...!
Anyway,better be off and get myself a healthy lunch. Have a good day!!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

August start

Oh my God, I haven't written for months and months. And I thought I was going to be good and write loads and loads.

Ah well, one can always give it a go again.
Lately I have been
- knitting
-been on holiday
-been busy
-put on weight

I have decided on really going for the running, and I am going to challenge myself a little...a lot.
I have no camera anymore..for now because we forgot to bring the tablet back home from our holiday. There you go. so until someone comes for a visit, it'll stay at my dad's.

So, tomorrow I am planning to start my challenge, just because it's half an hour until tomorrow starts and it's probably a good idea to get some sleep first.

I am going to label these post under 100 days challenge, although that was another challenge meny years ago.

So, do wish me luck.!!!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Good 7th of May

Ah, yes.. I am back again after a little while of being away. Not that I have actually been anywhere...but it is the case of my mobile phone deciding it's not wanting dropbox anymore..and thenI couldn't get any photos on here..and I just can't get myself to write weekly without photos.

Luckily, I now have some help from the Princess (now 10) and I can use her camera.
Anyway, I wanted to show yo my current knitting project, well, atleast a little taster of it.

I guess the whole idea with this one was that it needed to be finished by 17th of May..but first and foremost, it was waaaaaayto big so I had to start over again, second..we wont be celebrating our normal 17th of May in Edinburgh this year. Princess has her 100th year birthday party for the Brownies and she is going.
It clashes completely with the Edinburgh celebration...but now I don't need to have it (the Bunad) finished until 17th of May 2015,...Guess that'sjust a very good thing!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Hair March

This is my March picture, looks a little funny in the ends because I had just oiled them with coconut oil (picture taken last night). I have also needed to doa major s&d this month. The reason in the BBB I used,I am certain my hair does NOT like that brush, so it's back to the comb and Tangle Teezer for me.Still have some split ends and do a weekly s&d at the moment. Hoping for some more growth next month.

I am stillnot quite used to having this lenght, as I up with some pain in my shoulder or back..and it's always the braid :) 

Have a lovely day,and I'll be back very soon!

Monday, 3 March 2014

A beautiful day

The day started out really nice, Princess was out of bed and dressed by 07.00 am, I was amazed.
Everything went fantastic, we were out of the house without any rushing or shouting. It felt great. I even had to wear my sunglasses, because of the sun.

Yes!! The sun is shining today and I have a houseproject on today, going to try and tidy up the playroom and if I do well, I can even show you a pictureof the result.

I have been busy knitting, and have several projects on the go. Feeling great about that.

Now, on to another thing...I posted a comment in an onlinenewspaper about remembering dreams and I noticed I got a message back about possibly being interviewed. Well,I haven't responded as I live abroad and don't really fancy getting my dreams out there..except onmy own blog I suppose.

I have been dreaming lately, and I do remember in the morning but now at noon I have forgotten it all. And I have found out when I get a good sleep I dream, if I am exhausted I never remember any dreams.
Maybe I should get myself a little notebook to have beside my bed, so that I can jot down what I remember the second I wake up.

We'll see. Better go out and enjoy this weather for a little's STILL sunny!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Right and wrong

Over the last few weeks I have gotten involved in something that seems to mean alot to me.
It's a peson that I do not know at all, but over the last weeks I have been reading the news  and looking at all evidence and there is in my mind no doubt that he has been innocently jailed.

His name is Joshua French and he has been in a prison in Congo for nearly 5 year. At the moment he is really ill with Posttraumatic Stress Syndrome, and he has to sleep in the hall in the prison on a matress.He doesn't even get a bed,he sleeps among the cockroaces and rats.

This is just not right, I am a hundred percent certain that he has not been spying on Congo for Norway, he has not killed his best friend either. But no matter what, it is not the correct way to treat anyone. Everybody has a right to be treated humanely, everybody. Black or white, it doesn't matter.

It really upsets me, not just for Joshua being there as an innocent man, but all the other prisoners too. Although they DO have beds to sleep in, the prison is apparently one of the worst in the world. And I can not believe it's the way to treat anyone. I do hope the DemocraticRepublic of Congo can change their ways, see that the honest path is the right one, not just money money money.It's maybe easy for me to say,but it has to start somewhere. The human right must have a more important role in society. Also here in the west , all is not perfect. We must all strive to make the world a better place, a fairer place.

If you are interested in the case, there are several goups on Facebook,if  you search for Joshua French, several groups will pop up. I did a search myself and that is how I got a bitmore involved.

FreeFrenchandMoland  is the family website, it's in both English and Norwegian. Please do have a read, it's imporant stuff people.We can't just sit and wait for him to die, which will happen if he doesn't get any kind of help.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Hair Feb

Oh wow. I must say it has grown quite a bit. This is my unstretched hair 3 weeks into a new Hair Project.

You can see that half of my hair is smooth and the bottom half is a bit dryer looking and maybe a bit frizzy too. But the length is definetly getting closer to  hip.

 Not a solid hip,but the longest lenghts are reaching my jeans and that is satisfying indeed. Wonder how far I will be in the summer :)

I have been knitting by the way, but I have also been really busy and involved in something completely different and I think I have found something that is really important to me.

I will blog about these things later on, maybe today depending on what pans out today.

Please be good and have a good weeks my lovelies <3 p="">

Monday, 3 February 2014


Fetching, and fetching they are, I have made them before in blue, but I love these pink ones.

It didn't take that long to knit these, the pattern is really nice and I think it's really well written.

 I have used Adriafil Pois which is a DK wool.
I used 3.5 mm knitting needles
and I didn't even use a full ball of 50 grams on these two.

They weigh 44 whole grams, and that equals to  97 meters.
Here's my Ravelry page if you want to have a look.

I think these are absolutely gorgeous, and they are so incredibly warm. I know for a fact I will use them alot over the years.

I do want to make more wristwarmers, or fingerless gloves. Do you have any patterns you can recommend? Please let me know!

Dare I give you a hint on my next knitting? Ok then...the word is Fana...let's see if you can guess

Have a great week my lovelies

Friday, 31 January 2014


 Many moons ago I was busy making some slippers with some wool I had been given...we are not talking about a few moons, not even five or six.

Many more moons than that. And it's a long time since they were finished as well...but I never took a picture of them not for the blog or for Ravelry but I have finally, after YEARS of not doing they are:

My Sandnes Fritidsgarn slippers, crocheted with hook 5.5 mm and I loooove them. The pattern is Hexagon boot slippers  and they are really warm and comfy.
Such a pity I don't live in a very cold country or even a cold house.

This is what it looks like in Cental Scotland these days...just after 4pm yesterday:

 Grey, yes...but no rain nor snow...!
I'll let you go ,and will be off to finish a little knitting project..omething for the hands :)

Watch this space. Enjoy  your weekend lovelies!

Monday, 27 January 2014


Yes indeed, it's finished. It took me 20 days to knit, proably since I didn't knit in the round.

I am really happy with it, and I will probably use it quite a bit. I am obsessed with jackets or kofter these days.
My husband has printed the pattern for a kofte at his work, but I don't remember which it is,so that will surely be a surprise.

I feel the pictures are a little weird, the angle doesn't look right, but you can surely see the colours.
Also, the buttons are different as you can see from the closeup.

 Some facts about this one:
Pattern made by "the needle lady" and I bought the Norwegian Magazine Familien where I found it.

I have used :Stylecraft Special DK (yep, pure acrylics)
Needles: size 3.5 mm
I used 520 grams in size large.

The buttons were given to me, they all came from Nan at Stitching time in Hamilton.

I guess that is all for today. I have hidden a coupe of loose ends inside the jacket, so I have a little job to do later tonight :)

Now, do take care of yourselves, especially those that experience alot of snow. Here in Central Scotland we have none. Just as well as we lead busy lives me and my family.

For dinner we are having lamb, it has been cooking in the slowcooker since this smells yummy...!

Take care lovelies <3 p="">

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Hair- January

Finally here comes January's picture of my hair. It should be about 5 cm longer than the first picture taken in October 2013.

 It's not taken from straight behind, just slightly at am angle...but I think it's definetly getting there.
I think I can even see a bit of fairytailing going on here,so all in all : pretty happy about the result!