Saturday, 28 March 2009

colour of the rainbow

Your rainbow is strongly shaded green and red.

What is says about you: You are a passionate person. You feel strong ties to nature and your mood changes with its cycles. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you. Those around you admire your fresh outlook and vitality.

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Thursday, 12 March 2009

bubo bubo

I have alot to show you today it seems like, but i think this will be my last posting atleast for today.

This is the hat of the month, bubo bubo by tittei....yikes,..i don't have a link right now...but as you can fits my daughter and not i will make another one..i have actually started;) because i do like this pattern

It's a while since Christmas, but i got this lovely wool as a present from Denmark, and i have made this's quite some time since i finished it, but i took a photo just a few days ago. yup, things take time sometimes.

i guess i need to warn you...i will be veeeery busy knitting and crocheting this month..and especially next month...i have entered a "finish you project " competition...with lots of different teams that work together competing againg other teams. i have of course joined the Southern Norway team. and we are called Team Skagerak!

April , here i come!

anyway, thank's for coming, i hope you enjoyed my pics, come back soon and let me know you were her!

hugs from

new wool

I just wanted to make a separate post with the wool i brought home from the fair:)

New Lanark 100% wool , aran. As you can see i have already started knitting, this time a jacket from Drops Garnstudio.

I also bought 4 balls of Sublime Kid Mohair bland in a lovely colour!,and yes i have a plan for this as well!

AND, i discovered something new...tatting...i totally love it, and it's so easy. actually i remember doing something similar when i went to school, inbetween the classes all the girls used to make friendship bracelets using this very same technique...except for the flipping of the knot!

And because i sat down and had a go at tatting at the fair, i got to bring home something tatted. the blue one i have made myself:)

more craft fair

Good morning everyone, i am awake, have had my coffee and emptied my camera:) so here are some more photos from the craft fair on sunday:)Sally again
Princess and me


Princess and Shaun the sheep PickKnit
Another picture of The Pickknit! it was truly a great day, and look forward to going next time!!

craft fair

this weekend i went to the craft fair at the SECC in Glasgow. i was lucky and got cheap tickets from the nursery teacher:) yaay.
it was a really good day, and i bought some wool..i don't have photos of the wool just yet but i "stole" or borrowed these pics from Nan from the lunch we had at the fair..Stitching time Blethers and some Glasgow knit n stitch ladies...oh and daughters too:)

Nan and Karen Princess and me

Liz, Sally and Sally's girl

Alice and Flora

just another picture:) hope to see you all soon

Sunday, 1 March 2009

drops mittens

These are my February mittens from the kal at Hobbyboden. Drops mittens, and they are crocheted using artesano alpaca i think and hook size 3.

I love the result and will definetly make the gloves another time..maybe nearer the winter again. right now i'll be busy with knitting the March mittens...some owl mittens i believe. will be back with them soonish! have a great week eveyone. thankyou for coming by, and let me know you were here!

raspberry baby blanket

Good afternoon everyone, i hope you are all great! i myself have not been that well the last few days, but i am definetly on the mend.

here is the finished Raspberry chevron baby blanket, i have made it for my friend Tiina, she gave birth to a baby boy recently-congratulations!! i started using some white chunky wool, then bought the brown..and when i found out that it was a boy i got the blue. the wool is just amix and match of what i had and had to boy. i am not sure about the colours though...but the more i see it i do like it.

this is just a close up of the two last colours .nothing much happening here really..just knitting along on this other raspberry chevron afghan..won't be finished for another few months though!