Monday, 4 July 2016

PUMA points

I have once again joined The Running Bug's summer challenge and today was my second run. It's the first 5K this month. It went surprisingly well..although rather slow, lol.

I don't really mind that much.

I was not able to run during the weekend, because we were out shopping both days. I guess we can say that we are nearly set for our summer holiday. Suitcases are down and ready to be packed...!

I will try to keep up with my running while I am away, I don't want to be deadweigth to my Team Drive/Speed.

I have been eating good stuff, but my weight has been on a standstill for about a week now. I am hoping for some movement this week, it would be so great to see 87 again. I think this morning I was at 88.3, which I have been hovering around for about a week or so.

At the moment..we (kid and I) are waiting for the weather to get a little better so we can walk to town. Takes about 30 minutes..wonder if it has stopped by now..I have been playing for a while hoping the rain would stop.

I better go check..have a great day wherever you are!

 See ye efter, MariaLinn