Monday, 21 December 2009

Last few days

Not many days left of this year now, I cannot believe that 2009 will be over soon. And not many days left of my advent calendar either.  I 'll show you what i have received the last days.

A lovely red Christmas candle. Haven't started burning it yet..need to have a clear table for that;)

Next day viking foeyagarn, sockwool. I have actually tried this before and even the same colours, but I absolutely love this sockwool, and these are for ME!!

Have you ever seen anything this cute? This is such a cute colour and the wool...I wish you could feel it through the screen. I don't know what to do with it yet though...Very exciting.

Today I got a large ( and HEAVY) red candle, same as the first picture on the top, but just BIGGER.
I don't have a picture of this candle, but believe me, It's very nice to have!!

Only a few days left, and unfortunately I will only be able to show tomorrow's calendar, as I'll be leaving early on 23rd, and won't be near my own laptop until 1st of January...and whatever's in the calendar might well be gone by then..! we'll see:)


I hope 2010 will be great and a succesful year for you all!


Thursday, 17 December 2009


A couple of Christmas pressies are finished

First, a hat for my cousin, he's ehhh.... 25 almost 26 I think...!
I hae used double King Cole Mirage and 4mm circular needle. 
Second, a peir of fingerless gloves for my lovely sister-in-law!
She works at a nursery, and it's handy to have your fingertips peeking out. Hope she likes the colour:)

I have used Wendy Happy Sockyarn, It's so soft!
and needles 2.50mm

And that means, they took ages to do! But nice result!

Third, a scarf for the Princess' friend Sopihe. This is the 22.5 degrees scarf that I found on Ravelry, and i really love the result, so I am cuttently making on efor the Princess herself.

I am using Gold dk 100% courtelle, and that results in a scarf without itch...and pretty much perfect for any little one with those tendencies. I myself used to hate wool because of this..but now..I have definetly changed!
Oh , I also used 4mm needles for this.

The scalloped edge, which really makes the whole scarf!

And sideways, why not?

Now over to the exciting thing happening next year...I think i'll be making crocheted squares and knitting shawls most of the year.
First....I am making lots of squares to swap with people in Norway..a bit scary, as I am not keen on Royal Mail these days. What if nothing gets to ti's destination?

Next...I have joind a group on Ravelry, and I am supposed to knit 10 shawls in 2010...I really want to do that, as I really just love shawls. You wouldn't  think so, as I haven't made tha many of them...but I love them!
Can't wait to get started. I guess I am already planning what to do..and I'll be starting with MMario's MMystery that starts on Jan 1st. I hope to keep up with them all.

Do you have any great idea of shawls I can knit? Or maybe I should ask, I have probablt 30 shawls that I would like to do, if not more..! LOL
Have a good day everyone:)

Just another week

Just another week until we'll be in Norway! I can't wait to get going...but first I have loads of lovely pressies to open...Is  is time to show off the calendar gifts again

On  Tuesday I got two bars of soap and a facecloth from Ikea:)
I love the soaps, and they are already in use! The in the wash as we speak!

And yesteday I got all these patterns and a Norwegian Chocolate....I will save the chocolate for the weekend, and then share with Husbonden(hubby) and The Princess.

The patterns are really exciting, and I will probably use the supersimple shawl in January as I tolk a friends I'd make a shawl to warm her up in her house in Eastern Norway.(It will also as a part of this shawlknitting thing..will talk more about that in another post)

I have forgotten to take a photo of today's lovely wool, but it was another skein on Viking Eco-Alpaca, the colour is white, and feels as devine as the grey I got earlier!!

Thank you ever so much, are you sure you didn't go waaaaaay over the 300 NOK???


Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A few days ago

I found this in my advent calendar...and it's the prettiest shade of purple I think I have ever seen, and it's so soft...I am truly amazed ! I think I am the luckiest person in this country, it certainly feels like it.

Now, before I forget...I haven't showed any photos of the icecoffee sachets that was in the calemdar...twice it has happened, only because they were gone somewhere, before I could take a photo...(weird huh)

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Shawl and calendar

Haaper alle har en flott Luciadag i dag:)
Happy St..Lucia day!

Here's MY Flower Basket Shawl
I have finally finished it, started it in August LAST year. I don't know why it took me so long to finish it, because when I started it only took me four days to complete it.

If I had more wool I would have maid it bigger, as it's just a little too small to wear as a shael on my back, it's more around my neck to keep me warm . I only did ten repeats(or was it nine?). I might knit another fbs, as it's really simple. I will wear this shawl for Christmas(just to show off to my family , they never see me, and I think they still kind of think that I can't really knit!)

Anyway, over to my Advent calendar, I have two days worth to show off.

Yesterday I got another ball of the green Viking Eddagarn, I really do love this wool!! And this morning  I opened the pressie and I found some wooden knitting needles size 3.50. I guess that means I CAN knit another pair of socks...or even better..two at a time!

Thank you Vibbedille!

Thank you everyone for coming to "see" me, I hope you have a great Sunday!!


Friday, 11 December 2009


It's day 11, I woke up went quickly into the playroom and opened my adventcalendar, and what did I find?

A calorimetry!!
And it was perfect, you see: looking out the window it's was frosty everywhere and I knew it would be cold, and when we were getting ready for school we were rushing as usual and...a problem: I just couldn't find my hat.
Of course my Princess had taken this calorimetry as it was hers and hid it in her room, but she was quick in finiding it when she realized that mamma would get very cold ears.

SO, it has been tried, and it's nice and warm, how could it be that it came in my calendar this particular cold was minus 2 this morning and freezing(yes, everyone in Norway will probably laugh at this, but it's pretty cold for this area!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, and by the way :thank you for coming, if you're not in a rush let me know you were here.


Thursday, 10 December 2009


I have been very lazy these last few days,...not uploading pictures of my advent calendar stuff. Well here goes.......I got Norwegian Melkesjokolade yum yum...There was another snowman, but it has mysteriously dissapeared;)

The next day I got this lovely Viking Alpaca wool...It is so soft and cuddly, I am in LOVE!!!
Viking is a definite favourite of mine ...!!! 
Do you think Nan at my woolshop would like to see??

And not enough wool yet it seems....I got another ball of viking Eddagarn, same pink as before....Lovely, and it's just as soft and cuddly as everything else I have touched from Viking!

And this morning I opened another Nisse chocolate and another smaller one..but it was gone before i could take the photo!, and to show you the size of it, there's also a pen in the pic, as you can see:)

Thank you so much for all these things, I am truly being spoilt!!!


Now on to something that has little to do with knitting or handicrafts, but it's a hobby. Not my hobby, but my brother's hobby.

This is a picture of the Team Premier L-43, they have recently been sailing in Dubai, gotten a warning by Iranian Navy and went on  to win an overall victory.
Oh yes, my brother is on the back row, second from the right.


This is all from me today, I have again started knitting on my fbs, and hoping to have it done by the time we leave for Norway on Dec 23rd.
, Thank you for visiting me, and have a great weekend!

Sunday, 6 December 2009


I can't believe it's Sunday already, and it seems I have have three Calendar pressies to show off today.

On Friday ~I got this lovely wool from Viking, it's called Eddagarn, it's pink and feels so lovely and soft, I have only used Froeyagarn before, so this will be very exciting! Must show this wool to Nan at my lys:)

Now, this was very welcome in my house....and these marzipan chcolates dissapeared shortly after this picture was taken. AND the tasted devine!
Thank you so much!!!

This morning I opened up the pressie, and inside was another ball of Eddagarn, and today it's a lovely shade of green. Now the question is...what to make ? I already have a sunning plan..but need to finish another couple of hats first...!
You know these Christmas presents that oughta be finished by the 24th..!

Tomorrow is another day, and I can't wait to open the next pressie...kind of looks like chocolate..well see if i'm right.


Thursday, 3 December 2009


Here's the pictures of the things I found in My calendar on 2nd and 3rd of December

This is a pincushion, it's so cute. I loved it the first time I saw the ones Vibbedille had made..the plan has been to make one ...but I have never gotten around to do it..too busy with other projects;)
NOW I don't have to make one, because I already have one, yippie!! I love it!
And a little chocolate snowman too, he will be saved for Thursday evening , after Weight Watchers;)

Today i found two sachets of nescafe Vanilla, I have never tried the vanilla before, so when I came home after taking the princess to school, and delivering books at the libarary(have had the books only 2 months..!)..I took the bus home, you avoid the cold wind and was really nice to come home and have a cup of vanilla coffee, I really enjoyed that thank you Vibbedille/Gro Vibeke!!

Can't wait for tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


It's 1st of December and that means Advent Calendars,3 for my daughter AND I am thrilled that I have my own just like last year, and that the one I sent 16 days ago arrived at its destination today!

This is my daughters calendar, my mum made it for her some years ago, I guess this is the third time in use.I really like it, and I wish I had one like that from when I was little, but my brother and I used to share a chocolate calendar-getting one little choclate every other day.

Now THIS is MY advent calendar, sent to me by Vibbedille(Thank you!!) I love the idea with the clotheshanger and I will take that idea with me for next year!

Inside number 1 was a calendar candle, which is great, because...I really wanted one, but I haven't seen them around here. In Norway you can get the fairly easily(atleast you used to)so I am really glad to be able to celebrate with style this year!
Did I ever mention that I love candles? Because I do..!

This daughter and I were busy ...we assembeled and decorated our gingerbreadhouse...It really looks pretty cool...but according to these looks like a great mess;)
It was fun to do, and she really enjoyed it, just like me!

Ok then.....I was going to leave this picture out..cause THIS is the mess, but I guess you deserve to see this bit of it as well!
Have a great evening and