Friday, 11 December 2009


It's day 11, I woke up went quickly into the playroom and opened my adventcalendar, and what did I find?

A calorimetry!!
And it was perfect, you see: looking out the window it's was frosty everywhere and I knew it would be cold, and when we were getting ready for school we were rushing as usual and...a problem: I just couldn't find my hat.
Of course my Princess had taken this calorimetry as it was hers and hid it in her room, but she was quick in finiding it when she realized that mamma would get very cold ears.

SO, it has been tried, and it's nice and warm, how could it be that it came in my calendar this particular cold was minus 2 this morning and freezing(yes, everyone in Norway will probably laugh at this, but it's pretty cold for this area!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, and by the way :thank you for coming, if you're not in a rush let me know you were here.


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