Tuesday, 1 December 2009


It's 1st of December and that means Advent Calendars,3 for my daughter AND I am thrilled that I have my own just like last year, and that the one I sent 16 days ago arrived at its destination today!

This is my daughters calendar, my mum made it for her some years ago, I guess this is the third time in use.I really like it, and I wish I had one like that from when I was little, but my brother and I used to share a chocolate calendar-getting one little choclate every other day.

Now THIS is MY advent calendar, sent to me by Vibbedille(Thank you!!) I love the idea with the clotheshanger and I will take that idea with me for next year!

Inside number 1 was a calendar candle, which is great, because...I really wanted one, but I haven't seen them around here. In Norway you can get the fairly easily(atleast you used to)so I am really glad to be able to celebrate with style this year!
Did I ever mention that I love candles? Because I do..!

This evening....my daughter and I were busy ...we assembeled and decorated our gingerbreadhouse...It really looks pretty cool...but according to these pictures..it looks like a great mess;)
It was fun to do, and she really enjoyed it, just like me!

Ok then.....I was going to leave this picture out..cause THIS is the mess, but I guess you deserve to see this bit of it as well!
Have a great evening and


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