Sunday, 13 December 2009

Shawl and calendar

Haaper alle har en flott Luciadag i dag:)
Happy St..Lucia day!

Here's MY Flower Basket Shawl
I have finally finished it, started it in August LAST year. I don't know why it took me so long to finish it, because when I started it only took me four days to complete it.

If I had more wool I would have maid it bigger, as it's just a little too small to wear as a shael on my back, it's more around my neck to keep me warm . I only did ten repeats(or was it nine?). I might knit another fbs, as it's really simple. I will wear this shawl for Christmas(just to show off to my family , they never see me, and I think they still kind of think that I can't really knit!)

Anyway, over to my Advent calendar, I have two days worth to show off.

Yesterday I got another ball of the green Viking Eddagarn, I really do love this wool!! And this morning  I opened the pressie and I found some wooden knitting needles size 3.50. I guess that means I CAN knit another pair of socks...or even better..two at a time!

Thank you Vibbedille!

Thank you everyone for coming to "see" me, I hope you have a great Sunday!!


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