Thursday, 30 December 2010

Last of 2010

 Already is December nearly finished, and I have been really busy knitting. No time for uploading pictures at all:)

But here are some pics of stuff I have made during the last 6 weeks this year.

 A pale blue twirly swirl scarf, dunno what wool I have used, it was just something I had lying in my so called stash!

 I have also knitted a second Oriental Lily dress, this time it's size 10 years and I have used King Cole Riot.

 The dress is slightly big, but I am sure she'll grow into it.I am really happy with this dress and might wellmake another one next year.

 My latest project finished is my Boucle jacket, I have used Wendy Origin for this jacket. 
I finished the jacket today, so that I could have it finished in the same year I started it. 

The buttons are some that I had lying around. All different colours but same style.

I guess I should have a little summary of 2010:

I knitted and crocheted 

27 things
12 454 meters

And I read:
4 books

That is the  most books I have read in many years, so I am very happy about that!
The last thing I wanted to say is:

Happy New Year 2011

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Oriental lily

I have made this dress, it's calle Oriental Lily, and I realyy enjoyed knitting it. 
 I have used Stylecraft life for this dress, with the coloured areas was King Cole Riot and needle 4.00 mm.

The sisze is 12 months, and I have started knitting one size 10 years too for my daughter aged 6. Hopefully it won't be way too big for her, if it is...we can always keep it until she's bigger. Rainbow coloured dress, perfect for little Princesses!

Monday, 6 December 2010


 Here' s a little blanket I have made, perfect to have on my feet while sitting in the sofa. I originally intented it to be a baby blanket, but I need something to keep me warm this winter.
I have used lots of different wool, but the greay squares are Stylecraft twirl and Kind Cole Rito. 
I have used 4.0 mm hook for this blanket, and it's a normal granny suare, although I have crocheted the squares together using hobbyugla's method

That is a method I will use again ,definetly~ I love the result~ thank you so much for sharing Hobbyugla!!

Thursday, 2 December 2010


Good morning from snowy Scotland!

These last few days has been really cold, white and snowy, today is the second day of school closure for us, so we are at home all day today.  
Since we've had a bit more time then usual I have taken some pics and even uploaded them:)
Here's my citron

Citron is really a christmas present, but i like it so much i want one for myself as well.. Very tempting to just keep it I must admit. But i probably wont. 
 I have used King Cole Riot
and  5.5 mm needles.

I guess over the next few days, I'll wrap it and decide who gets it;)

Have a nice day everyone, thank you for coming by to my little corner, and I would love it if you let me know you were here, then I could maybe come and visit your blog too:)

Christmas hugs to you