Monday, 30 June 2008


Good morning everyone,
As ou all know by now, it has just been my birthday and after our shopping on saturday my husband was soooo nice and made a stop at Stitching Time for me to buy some more wool ...and there in the shop were two pressies awaiting me....this lovely green/turquise Araucania Ranco was from mhairi ...!!! Thank you sooooo much! and Nan and David had a pressie for me unfortunately my mobilephone ran out of I can't show you the picture of the two balls of Kidsilk Haze and the Addi laceneedles they gave me. i am shocked, i didn't expect anything really(well, maybe as much as Happy birthday Linn) ..but this was just amazing!

and i guess this is not the husband ordered some New Lanark wool as a pressie too so that i can knit my Marius Genser...and i hope it will arrive in the week. can't wait!

about things I am actually doing, i have finished the back of the crossover, and have started on the sleeves..just started. will do some more tonight:)

i really must get some credit on my phone soon, because i am sure i will have even more to show you..and when i do get credit, be sure i wil show you that pressie too:)

today is going to be a day of housework(although i would have liked to knit all day long)so i guess i better get started!

the sun is shining, so sunny hugs from me

Thursday, 26 June 2008

school scarf

good morning everyone, and thank you so much for all you birthdaywishes. so far it has been a good day:)
my lovely daughter has modeled for the scarf i finished last night, and now she is making birthdaycards for me:) such a cutie!

oh, and just now my granny phoned me to with me happy birthday!

well well, anyway, last night i managed to finally finish this scarf, it's for my friend and it's kind of a christmaspresent...well, she has decided she doesn't want to celebrate christmas so she will get it as a 3 wedding anniversary present a few days before christmas(her hubby will get a scarf too).
i call it a school scarf,as someone from hobbyboden were talking about the scarves they made at school and explained how they did it.

Some ladies at the glasgow knit and stitch might recognise it as "the tube"...yes it did look like a really weird thing to knit....but i love the finished result...and it took me a whole hour to unravel the stitches(i dropped every second stitch).
i want to make one of these for myself as well...i have fallen in love with it!!!

but first...finish the cardigan...! will see you tomorrow or saturday Nan!!

Wednesday, 25 June 2008


ok gals,
so i have changed the numb er of my years a bit too soon...i am not thirty yet...but tomorrow i am....! so i might as well get it over with.

i am entering a new era of my life..the thirties,I can't wait!!! hurrah for me;)

summerhugs from me

Sunday, 22 June 2008


so i found this cotton that i hadn't used yet...i got it from the swap at the tramway earlier this year(glasgow knit'n stitch i think it might have been Fiona that wanted rid of this...this hat was done in two evenings and i will try to sew a couple of flowers on aventually:) i really like it and i am sure we'll use it lots this summer....!
i need more wool to finish the back of my crossover cardigan, and i have to wait until tomorrow as my shop is closed on a sunday.there are promises of going to the park today i a m sure i will be busy.
i can always continue on my "ever so boring scarf" tonight anyway:) oh i also have my crocheted tablecloth too!
well, off to have the morning coffee...can't be without it..besided hubby is up soon and he'd want the laptop anyway..see you next week or so!
summerlove from me

Thursday, 19 June 2008


how are you all doing?
me, i am so happy because i have finally attached the mermaid to the blanket, and now it's finished...more or less. i have plans to add some golden fish and jellyfish and a couple of startfish..but not in the nearest future..
i am a bit fed up with this blanket now..although it does look nice in the wee girl's bedroom:)
and i think she likes it alot too!! and i guess that is the main point, isn't it?

i can fully concentrate on knitting my cardigan.
i have knitted almost half of the i just need to get more wool.

i have decided,..i definetly prefer knitting in the round!! i do believe my next project will be a mariusgenser knitted with new lanark wool!! i just dicovered it..i do believe it was nursery teacher Mrs. Robinson that told me about it...

well that's all from me , i am housebound today..waiting for the fidgerepair man...and he seems to never get here..blah!

have a great week dear friends!


hvil i fred Kirsten/rest in peace Kirsten

Thursday, 12 June 2008

thursday morning

hello everyone, and good morrow to you. i hope you are all doing well and have time to sit and relax for a few moments.

i don't have anything to show you at all today but because i am so excited about this crossover cardigan i am knitting, just knowing that i might finish the right front tonight made me want to update you about that fact.

i still have the back and the sleeves to finish so i won't be ready until july sometime:) but hopefully i will be able to wear it when we are on holiday in Norway in late july.Iknow it's kinda sad being so happy with a piece of knitting, but this will in fact be my fist piece of clothing that i have knitted using a pattern..except the shawl i made earlier. i am not thinking about socks either...but a cardigan or top or something to wear...that's why i just can't wait to put it on:)

well. i guess i need to get on with the knitting if that is going to happen..but no knitting just now..i need to have my cup of coffee first and then continuing doing housework and maybe read a bit for catriona dn perhaps sing a few songs with her before nursery this afternoon.

might just finish up that fishblanket too soon...hmmm must do it -maybe tomorrow..have a nice day everyone!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008


i took a test to see what flower i am and the result is this:

You Are a Daffodil
You have a sunny disposition and are normally one of the first to show up for the party. You don't need too much attention from the host once you get there as you are more than capable of making yourself seen and heard.

Monday, 9 June 2008


ok, so i have this photo of a photo....and you can even see the plastic cover on the picture...but i did say to some friends that i would blog the here it is.....our dancephoto:) my streetdance outfit and Catriona's teddybeardance outfit. i have a treally cute photo of catriona but i will save that for the grandparents;)
now..last night i finished the left front of my crossover cardigan..and i have kinds started the right front...will be fun to see it finished! summer is here, and it's time for today's lunch. have a great week everyone! and hoping to get a picture taken of the fishblanket soon...wait and you will see........

Thursday, 5 June 2008


hello everyone,
are you preparing for christmas yet?i know it#s far away still, but last year i was nearly knitting my hands off in December trying to finish the pressies. so this year i have decided on being a good girl and start early. i have finished a twirly scarf for my sister-in -law and i loved making it..but i must admit, it used a lot more wool then i ever imagined. I will definetly make more of them though.

i have been really busy this week, and not done any knitting at all..the danceschool is having a dance-show every 18 months, and now it's time for this years show. so every night this week i have been away dancing, and tonight (Same as thuesday) my 4 years old daughter is coming with me to dance. she is in 4 will be a late night though...she might be in bed at 11.00(23.00) and normally she's in bed at 7-7.30(19.00-19.30)..hope she'll cope...

wish us luck!!

i will be so happy when tonight is over, because then i can get on with my knitting again! hurray! can#t wait to finish the left front of my cross over cardigan:)

have a lovely day!!