Monday, 30 June 2008


Good morning everyone,
As ou all know by now, it has just been my birthday and after our shopping on saturday my husband was soooo nice and made a stop at Stitching Time for me to buy some more wool ...and there in the shop were two pressies awaiting me....this lovely green/turquise Araucania Ranco was from mhairi ...!!! Thank you sooooo much! and Nan and David had a pressie for me unfortunately my mobilephone ran out of I can't show you the picture of the two balls of Kidsilk Haze and the Addi laceneedles they gave me. i am shocked, i didn't expect anything really(well, maybe as much as Happy birthday Linn) ..but this was just amazing!

and i guess this is not the husband ordered some New Lanark wool as a pressie too so that i can knit my Marius Genser...and i hope it will arrive in the week. can't wait!

about things I am actually doing, i have finished the back of the crossover, and have started on the sleeves..just started. will do some more tonight:)

i really must get some credit on my phone soon, because i am sure i will have even more to show you..and when i do get credit, be sure i wil show you that pressie too:)

today is going to be a day of housework(although i would have liked to knit all day long)so i guess i better get started!

the sun is shining, so sunny hugs from me


  1. I just finished a shawl in that exact Arucania(sock)yarn!! Sounds like you had a fab birthday!

  2. I missed this post ! lol So glad you liked it. I love admiring ll your lovely projects - I take too long with mine and end up frogging half of them!


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