Thursday, 26 November 2015

Time to rest

My oh my, I feel tired..!
The reason is that these last two weeks we have been working very hard with helping daughter preparing for her grade 1 piano exam.

Her exam was yesterday, we picked her up from school halfway through the school day,adn went home for lunch, change of clothes and some practise time on granny's piano.

She got 15 minutes in the practise room before she went to have the exam. Mr. John was very straightforward, no pleasanteries with him at all. And he was irish, so she thought he said G, when he said D.

Nevermind, the result will come within the next 19 days I think. Hoping she did well!!

Now, it's just a bit of violin practise and the concert on Monday..abd then we are pretty much ready for the Christmas holiday! 

Gosh, can't wait for a hoiday! 

Te only problem I have now is that I need to find the house phone..I have lost it somewhere inthe house. 

So...must go out and do my Avon round and then prettymuch get on with everything. Going to get our Christmas decorations up this weekend, looking forward to it !! 

So, I hope you all have a great day..and take care of yourselves!

Monday, 9 November 2015


*November is here, and we are already well into the month already.
Last week was so foggy, almost unbelievable! Usually the fog lifts when it gets light, but at 9am it was still there. 

Also, Princess is practishing for her piano exam, but we only have a keyboard. So we went to Granny's house and practised a little. Just a shame that the piano is SOOOO out of tune and it just sounds horrible. The piano is pretty much unusable, but it is ok to practise on every now and then. 

I am not sure if the video will work, if it does..Iam sorry for the horrible out of tune sound!!!

Hugs, MariaLinn

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

October is over

*And Hallowe'en has been celebrated with pumpkin and spiders. 

Now it's time to say welcome to November and hello Christmas! 

This month I'll be knitting alot. I have already started, and it feels great! You now, Christams comes round so quickly, I really need to get a move on. 
Have a good day lovelies!

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Why food diary?

Yesterday I started a food diary. Not Weight Watchers related at all, as that ship sailed quite a while ago.

Monday night, I started feeling a little unwell, as I waited for Princess while she attended her gymnastics class..I though it was just because I sat reading without any back support.

Then Princess went to Guides, and I still felt funny. But later on, when she came home..I felt if I was hungry. But I had a proper dinner s I knew it couldn't be that.

At 23.00 o'clock I took two painkillers, but they didn't really help. No point going to bed. at 3 I thought maybe I could get some I headed for be.

Was not to be, after an our of tossing and turning and not managing to get comfortable at all..I got up again, took another painkiller, and was just lying on the sofa until 6 when I nodded off for an hour.

Was still painful, and at 8.30 I took another two painkillers and by 9 I started to feel alot better.

All yesterday I wrote everything that I ate, and I will continue to do so.

If you wonder what the pain guess is gallstones.
I have had the same pain before, but it would go away after a couple of hours. So it has neer been this severe.

So here's my food diary for today..and I will probably keep doing this until forever!

Here's hopeing I never get that pain ever even. Cheers to a healthy life!


Monday, 26 October 2015


Last summer, I discovered that the brambles that was growing wild in  my hegde had berries, and I picked enough for us to have as a dessert. I decided to not cut them down, but just see if I could get some more berries this year.

Yesterday was the third time I picked berries this sumer,and still there are loads just waiting to get picked when they are ready.

I got 900ml yesterday, and that was enough for 3 bown FULL of Brambleberries, and I made custard and it was just the yummiest ever!

It's amazing when the garden gives us some stuff we can actually use. I really just love it. At the moment I am trying to grow onions, and so far they are looking ok. They are still just mini's, but I COULD use them I think. Next summer..I might even try potatoes..!

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Just October hair

Yes, it's a hair kind of day. 
I thought it was time for another quick length shot, and I guess it's not much of a difference since my last picture. 

I haven't really done anything different, just braiding and bunning every day, moisture with coconut oil every so often. 
Actually, I saw a video...or did I read it somewhere? I am not sure, but now I spray my hair with water before I put oil on it. Seems to work ok so far. 

Also, one of the main things I have done the last few weeks is to get a satin pillowcase. Actually, it's not even a pillow case. It's the daughters old dress up princess dress, I cut the whole skirt off, and I am using the satin part of the skirt as my pillowcase.

Alot less frizz in just a few weeks. I never thought it would make such a big difference. So..for Christmas that is what I am wishing for.-..a proper pillowcase...even if the skirt is working too.
 Picture taken today by 11 years old daughter.

I have water and a leave in, so the ends look wet..well..they are wet on this picture. 
I don't think I'll reach classic by Christmas, but by the summer I'll be there. Definetly. 
I have joined not cut for a year, in if it gets longer than classic by the end of next year..I'll probably start microtrimming every even out a little. 

I am happy with my progress!

This is all ffrom me today, happy Sunday!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Wiola -again

Around June I started knitting the Wiola cardigan, and I really loved the pattern. But then I wanted a smaller waist and I went on to change needle size...and I realised that I was making the cardigan too big. Booo
Also, the pink and brown was not really a great match, not enough difference.
Again- Booo

So , I started frogging..and I frogged and started all over again. With pink and beige this time and now the pattern is really visible. 
And wow, this pattern is so simple to knit, it sticks in the brain really fast. This will probably be finished before I have started the sleeves on Melissa. I am about to finish the first of three stars on that one. 

But for the fun of it, here's the picture of the two versions of Wiola

           New Wiola                                                   Old Wiola

And now I  am not sure which one I like the most...! BUT I am not restarting, so it will have to be the one of the left! 

I don't really have any other projects on the go yet, I really need to get started on my nephews wollies, but have to wait until next motnh when I hae some cash to buy wool. I already know which ones I'll be making for him. But if you hae any great wollen trousers for kiddies, please give me a hint of where to find the pattern!! 

Have a great day lovelies.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Sunday morning dreams...

It's already Monday again, the weekends seem to go by so quickly, and as usual ,, it feels like I have done nothing. I know it's not true. 

Yesterday morning I woke up early, to let the cat out. I went back to bed to sleep a little more, which I did. But I dreamt about my grandmother--.AGAIN. 

This time I was at a cafe with her, and some women came and sat down at our table. She was a carer and knida knew my granny, but she didn't want to tell me her name. I got absolutely pee'd off with this woman..told her "we should sstart over again". So I went over to her, smiled, stretched out my right hand to greet her and said "hi, my name is Maria". She just smiled, and said, "I can't tell you my name". 

Wow, I was not happy, sparks probably flew from my eyes...and granny and I didn't even finish our pancakes (pancakes, really??) and left really quickly. I might even have swore at that woman as I left. 

Not fun waking up being in a bad mood because of something that happened in a dream. 
I realised it was actually my granny's 93rd birthday yesterday-..maybe that's why she was in my dream. 

This is the 4th time I have dreamt about her since her passing in January. 
I miss her.


Sunday, 13 September 2015

Princess party

Princess went to a party on Friday, and i did her hair. Was very happy with the braiding result! 

She had great fun, and they danced the night away..well..until 9 pm anyway. 
Happy birthday Freya! 


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Hair September

I tried to get some pictures taken while Princess was away last week.  Trying top get my curls to looks nice and not frizzy.

It's just not easy, because when it's dry, there are always hairs that doesn't want to clump. 
I came across a video on Facebook and then also a blog..and this woman (Melissa) explains what i need to my next hairwash will be a little different to what I noramlly do. Will be very interesting to see if there will be a difference at all. 

This is all for today, better go make that coffee.
Love, MariaLinn

Vikings in Largs

Every year in Largs they have a Viking Festival , we have been before and enjoyed it. So e decided to go again (yay).

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Revelation (food)

I have had several revelations over the years really and today I am going to tell you all about them. AND my latest revelation as well.


Not disrespecting any company in any way, but this is how my body and mind reacts.

I cannot eat McDonalds foods...except the milk shake. I get really bad tempered and very easily annoyed.

I cannot eat pancakes, not bought or homemade..if I do, no more than 2 for me. I end up having stomach pains for hours. Blah!

I am guessing it has something to do with white flour.

And my latest thing, that I have suspected...I am sure I need to stay away from chocolate.

I really REALLY wanted chocolate today, and bought a fairly large bar...had 6 squares..and then I felt pain in my belly, and a little later a mild headache came sneaking upon me...and lastly.typical..I became really tired and terribly sluggish.

I even dropped a plate ...not on the floor- on my toes. I guess it was lucky that neither the plate or the toes broke. comes my one and only solution...I must eat clean foods. I have started making dinners without carbohydrates, want to see how it goes. Sunniva might have to have some carbs, but we are definetly cutting down.

Here's to a healthier life- SKÅL!!!!! (Cheers)


Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Abnormal week

Yes, the week has started, the weird abnormal week when Princess Sunniva is away on a school trip...and I am all alone from yesterday (Monday ) all the way to Friday.

That is of course not stricly true, as the husband Kris is also at home...but he's a little boring and he also cought our cold so add on a little bit of grumpiness and you'l get what I mean.

Sunday evening Kris was out at a concert, not my music taste, so it was great that he could get free tickets from his workmate and they could go together.

That also meant that Sunniva and I could have a nice relaxing evening before she went. We lit candles and watched a film..super cozy...or "koselig" as i normally would say.

So, last night I Sunniva was away and I was wondering how she was getting on while I enjoyed a little bottle of some cider while watching Coronation Street.

It was Kopparbergs cloudberry cider, I really enjoyed that and will probably get it again. I OH so miss the cloudberry yoghurt I was able to eat many years ago.
 I don't think they make it anymore, I mean it's probably a reason why they call it Gold of the Forest.

Today is my first full day at home, and I started a tidy up project. So...I have started..firstly I emptied the cupboard that was FULL of shoes, jackets and 2 chairs..and then I put our IKEA Trofast thing in there.

Now I have to EMPTY all the boxes, clean the shelves and then I can start putting everything back again.
WHY did I even start,,this is so much work!!!

I am sure it'll be better when I am finished.

Wish me oh so much luck! Not to mention that the Puma points Re-match started today and I need to get running before the day is over!

Take care, lovelies!

Friday, 28 August 2015


If there's one thing that has stayed with me since I was a child, it is my love for writing. 
Every so often I struggle with just sitting down and writing, but when I first get started it's easy peasy. 

I have many penpals, mainly from Europe and USA with couple of exceptions being New Zealand and Japan. 

I started writing in 1991, that is when I got my first international penpal, Yuka from Japan. We are not in touch anymore but my "oldest" penpal is Cindy and we started writing when I was only 13 and she was 11. 

To get back into writing again (I have found it tough after my granny died) I have changed my wrting place. I am once again in the kitchen, and I have created a little corner for my letter stuff. 
 This is my little corner, with letters to reply to. I am quite happy about if I must say so myself.

And here is the start of my next letter, that will be to Erica. 

The dream is to one day have one of these
But we don't really have room for it. This is a picture I found on the net when I used the searchword " Skatoll".

But hey..maybe I can make one of these myself..who! 
Have a great day lovelies! 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

New Experiences

A new Experience coming up, and I am pretty sure every mum can relate!
The first time your child stays away.

Yes, it's happening. Princess Sunniva has been on a couple of trips before, but that has only been Friday to Sunday..three times so far.

This time , it's a school trip..Monday to Friday...and WHAT am I going to do when I have the whole day to myself for the first time in over 11 years?

We are busy packing, needs lots of extra changes in case they get soaking wet during their activities.

I am looking forward to it, but dreading it at the same time. I  am really looking forward to Sunniva coming home with lots of new experiences and maybe having grown a little..not in size but as a person.
But then I dread it, because I love being with her and I know she is growing up. My little baby is not a baby anymore. 

We still have a few things to pack, and still a few days to get everything in order.  But..yup..the day of departure is drawing nearer. 

Take care of yourselves and you loved ones, my dear friends! 


Monday, 24 August 2015

Nature and such

What can I say, I love a little bit of outdoor activity me, so yesterday we ventured out for a little walk. The sun was shining, and we could hear the grasshoppers play their music,. Even I could hear them, I guess it means my hearing is still ok.

Butterflies and bumblebee...even fish in the water! 
A dog came to say hello while we sat down for a little rest All in all, it was a great day.

Then we came home, took my washing in..and that was that. 

I sat in the evening playing clas of clans on my phone 
(Not my clan picture) ticked a message on my phone. An old penpal, want to get back in touch!

How lovely, how wonderful..I do still write letters, so I am over the moon!!

Now this morning...I got a huge fright. 
I went to get my trousers, the ones I had pegged out yesterday to dry. 
I picked them up, and they buzzed,...what is that? Is it a phone?? 
BUZZ...a little phone??
BUZZ...Oh sh**, it's a bee or a wasp

I threw the trousers in the kitchen, closed the door , went to get the bug spray, and then poked them further in the kitchen..and again and again and again, moved them a half meter each time. Finally I was close to the door, I unlocked it, and got them outside..and not more then 5 seconds later a black and yellow furry bee fled the scene. 

I am not exactly in love with these things that buzz and can sting, so I guess you can say that I managed to keep cool. 

I survived another morning! 
And as I have just ran 1.7 miles ont he treadmill,i will even say that the day is going pretty well, so far! 
Have a good day lovelies! 


Friday, 21 August 2015


I have been trying for years and be healthier and yiou know...loose the weight....but 2014 was a terrible year, and when we went home to Norway to attend my dear grandmothers funeal on January 14th..I weighed the most I have ever weighed...95 kilos!! 
Mildly said...not too happy. 

Soooo...I have managed to get down to 90.5..I seem to hover between 90.3- 90.8..I have been the same weight for the last few months now..I didnt even put on any weight while we had our summer holiday in N*orway.

Unheard of!!!!

But I was really happy about it. 
So..the next step needs to be to get under 90 kilos. 
I am trying some low carb stuff..and today (and yesterday) I tried what "they" call a "fat-coffee"

Basically mix coffee, butter and coconutmilk..whip it together. Most also add a raw egg..but i haven't tried it due to you know..salmonella...! I know there's not much risk these days..but still. 

That coffee is NOT for body seems to react badly to it..because both today and yesterday I keep needing to run to the toilet...! (sorry , too much info, i know) 

So instead..I thought I'd try a healthy lunch that does not involve that mixture mentioned above..and this is what I came up with

What's in it you ask?
1/3 cucumber, chopped in quarters
2 tomatoes, chopped in smaller segments
1/2 onion
2 tbs natural greek yoghurt
a bit of salt and pepper. 

Tastes pretty nice actually, and simple and quick to make. 
I amnot sure how long I'll feel full on this, but one can only do ones best. 

I use what I have in the's the end of the month andwe try to use up the food before we buy new stuff next month. 
You kow..trying to avoid throwing away food! 

I better eat this tomato salad thing..wet washing waiting to be hung up. 
Enjoy your day! 


Melissa jacket

Or do you actually call this a jacket in English? Is it maybe a cardigan? 
Who knows, if you know..please tell me; what is the correct word for a stranded knitted jacket or cardigan..or does it not matter? 

Regardless of the name, my knitting is growing..slowly..slowly. I have made the dicition of knitting two rows every knit and one purl row. 

Honestely, purling stranded knitting...who came up with  THAT idea? 
It is the worst and most boring and slow way to knit ever! 

I do not think I'll do this again, unless I don't mmind taking forever to finish something.

Unfortunately for me, I seem to always be in a race with myself. to finish whatever I am knitting as fast as I possibly can. 

What a silly thing to do really.

Why not just sit and enjoy the knit, instead of being stressed about it. I am working with myself to change my way of thinking..and I am kind managing to do it. 
Getting better atleast, and that's a step in the right direction. 

Well, time to start off the day, the coffee is gone and there are things to do. 

Have a great Friday, lovelies!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

August 17th

It is the first day back at school, Daughter has been waiting since school finished to get back,. She loves school!

Time flies by and now she has started the last year of Primary school. Hard fact to grasp.
 Here she is knocking on her pal's door :) 

Happy last year of Primary school!!


Thursday, 13 August 2015

Hair August

Here are some August pictures of my hair. It's has been plopped is still moist, so it looks a little darker than normal.
some curly wurls will dissapear when it's completely dry...I will probably braid or bun anyway!

But this was just to see the curls really! Oh, i did have a little trim the other day, had so many split ends. Maybe a full cm went lost all growth since July. But that's ok.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Summer holiday

The summer holiday is already nearly finished, and some weather we have had!!. Not much heat at all.

But still, it was really not too bad and we have managed to do  a few things such as
 Going to family do's and meeting new baby cousins, and in my case meeting my one and only nephew. (lurve that little boy)
 Going for a swim in the pool in my childhood home together with the larger family(dad's wife's grandchildren). This place which is still "home-home" to me. 
 Meeting an elg at the Tall ships race...surprisingly weird, but fun

 Seeing sand sculptures being made..impressive indeed!!!!

 Buying Hockey powder..I love it...just loooooove it!!!
 We saw loads of Tall ships...and they were all lovely

 It was great to be able to get on board the ships...I fell in love with the one from Equador..which is not this one..but this one is instead the worlds largest Tall ship, 4 masts it had..pity I get easily seasick..even if I did grow up spending most of my summerholidays in a sailboat.,..! 

 We have met old friends, and visited them..and took amazing pictures from their livingroom...

 We also met new friends, and got to enjoy the view with them.

 We got to see all the ships on the fjord going out to the startline for the last race for this year. 

 We also did a little bit of colouring in..and got new books and pencils for this. (Thank you Aunty N and Aunty B). 
 I even got wool to start up a new own pattern this time..! Happy...happy!!!

 Oh, must not forget the salmon tunnel..that was just cool
 The steps where that salmon can jump..
 And indeed they do so...I could see a salmon tail..welll done to Kvås
 And here's a beautiful picture of the outside...

Then the holiday was over for this year...and we landed in Liverpool...

And we acidentally came across some Beatles art..stopped in the roundabout for some pictures..and then were on our way...

Back to Scotland...!

And now we are is still rubbish and things still need to be done.

Breakfast needs made and eaten, and dishes and laundry is waiting.

Still, It IS nice to come home, and this time I will have even more binbags ready for my decluttering..oh yes!.

No mercy.