Monday, 14 September 2015

Sunday morning dreams...

It's already Monday again, the weekends seem to go by so quickly, and as usual ,, it feels like I have done nothing. I know it's not true. 

Yesterday morning I woke up early, to let the cat out. I went back to bed to sleep a little more, which I did. But I dreamt about my grandmother--.AGAIN. 

This time I was at a cafe with her, and some women came and sat down at our table. She was a carer and knida knew my granny, but she didn't want to tell me her name. I got absolutely pee'd off with this woman..told her "we should sstart over again". So I went over to her, smiled, stretched out my right hand to greet her and said "hi, my name is Maria". She just smiled, and said, "I can't tell you my name". 

Wow, I was not happy, sparks probably flew from my eyes...and granny and I didn't even finish our pancakes (pancakes, really??) and left really quickly. I might even have swore at that woman as I left. 

Not fun waking up being in a bad mood because of something that happened in a dream. 
I realised it was actually my granny's 93rd birthday yesterday-..maybe that's why she was in my dream. 

This is the 4th time I have dreamt about her since her passing in January. 
I miss her.


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